‘NCIS’ Remains Most-Watched Show on CBS in 2021

by Jonathan Howard

So, the fall television season is over and most shows are on a midseason hiatus until the new year including CBS’s most-watched show, NCIS.

Fans of the drama tuned in and made it America’s most-watched show yet again on CBS. That includes all of broadcast TV and Yellowstone which is part of the CBS Viacom family. Season 19 had a lot of changes. Perhaps that is why 11.43 million people tuned into the show this fall.

Although Mark Harmon’s character Gibbs has left his post as team leader, the show has remained popular. Gary Cole has filled in as Alden Parker. He went from FBI agent to leader of the team. There has been a lot of talk about whether fans liked the new man in charge or not. However, you can’t argue with the solid results the show had.

TVLine put out their “Bottom Line” statement about the CBS ratings. It said in part, “NCIS, like all of TV (there is no steady or up anymore), took a dip but did not let slip of its title as the tube’s most watch program… On the drama front, NCIS, [Hawai’i], CSI: Vegas, Bull, and S.W.A.T. all improved their time slots in one way or another, which is all a network can really hope for.”

With so many streaming options, internet shows, and other media, TV has taken a hit. However, networks must adjust their expectations to be relative. Right now, shows like NCIS are still competing at a high level with their peers.

Shortened Season Gets Results

One of the factors that were working against the show this season had to be the shortened amount of episodes. Typically, a season lasts 24 episodes. Due to the pandemic and working within health guidelines, this season is going to just have 16 episodes.

As the midseason finale approached, there were three very serious episodes in a row. Each one was a little heavy. Now, fans are no strangers to those sad or emotional episodes. However, these three seemed to be a lot at once. That was a consequence of the 16 episode season as well. Without more episodes, the pivotal, heavy moments have not been spaced out as much as they would have been in the past.

‘NCIS’ Nick Torres Goes All Out in Upcoming Episode

Outsiders, we just have to wait until January 3 until we get a new episode of NCIS. When that does happen, it looks like Nick Torres is going to be pushing himself to the limit. A photo from the upcoming episode titled Pledge of Allegiance shows Torres sprinting into a situation.

Torres has had some character development this season. Wilmer Valderrama is a fan favorite. He is usually engaging with fans on Instagram and other social media.