‘NCIS’ Returns for First Case of New Year Chasing a Fugitive

by Jonathan Howard

For most fans of NCIS, it has been far too long since a new episode has aired. In the upcoming episode Pledge of Allegiance, the team chases a fugitive.

Gary Cole’s character, Alden Parker, has been able to settle into his role a bit. Fans have gotten used to seeing Parker as the team leader. Gibbs is out of the picture, but many still have hope that he makes a return at some point in time. However brief that might be.

With the new episode lined up, the 10th installment of season 19 is sure to bring plenty of action. There hasn’t been much said or seen about the episode. Despite that, there are some context clues that can be used. This episode does seem to have some of those old NCIS feelings to it.

When the episode airs, fans will get to know Navy Chief Warrant Officer Rafi Nazar. The officer has been accused of selling classified data. But, is it what it looks like? Those little twists and curveballs are what fans love about the show. Nazar is going to go on the run and that probably won’t end up going well. So, surely the team will assume he is guilty, that is until they find compelling evidence to the contrary.

Judging by a picture, and a little help from Matt Carter, there are some conclusions that can be drawn here. Nazar is seen embracing another character in the episode, Kay Barlow. Fans might recognize the actress as Amanda Schull from Suits. Parker and Jessica Knight standby and seem to be helping the accused Nazar out with something. What do you think will happen?

NCIS continues tonight on CBS.

‘NCIS’ Star Directed Monday Night’s New Episode

In case you weren’t excited already, the new episode of NCIS that comes out tonight was directed by a series star. Rocky Carroll who plays Director Leon Vance, took his turn behind the camera. There have been a number of episodes in the past that were directed by actors that star in the show. It will sometimes produce some of the more interesting and unique episodes.

In case you didn’t know, Carroll has some experience behind the camera. This isn’t his first rodeo taking care of things behind-the-scenes. No, the actor-director has now done this 18 times. So, it’s safe to say that he knows a little bit about what he is doing.

This should be a fun episode. We are going to see Agent Parker go undercover a bit it seems. There is a solid plotline with the potential information leak. Clearly, there is more to the story than there seems. However, fans are going to have to wait a little longer. The new episode of NCIS debuts tonight at 9 PM EST.