‘NCIS’ Reveals New Look At Team Interviewing a Hologram

by Lauren Boisvert

“NCIS” has an interesting episode lined up for next Monday, Dec. 6, and it sounds like something straight out of science fiction. The team is going to be interviewing a hologram of a dead woman to learn her secrets.

In a promo for the upcoming episode, the team finds a dead woman in a Naval yard. They talk to her daughter, who says, “What my mother did was unforgivable.” They ask what she did, and the daughter says, “Ask her yourself.”

Next, Knight and Torres enter a room with a small stage; the curtains pull back, and a hologram of the dead woman appears. Knight greets her, and the hologram answers. Torres looks at Knight, visibly disturbed.

This episode will surely be a feat; what it seems like they’re trying to do depends in if the dead woman recorded her answers to certain questions before she died. A hologram isn’t sentient, and it can’t give answers outside of those it was programmed to give. It’ll be interesting to see how “NCIS” pulls this one-off.

‘NCIS’: What Happened On Last Night’s Episode?

Yesterday’s “NCIS” episode came on the heels of the fall hiatus; episode 8 was titled “Peacekeeper” and featured the team solving the murder of a Navy reservist found shot to death in the back of a car parked outside a gun range.

The episode featured both Kasie and Knight discussing their work-related anxiety. Kasie was kidnapped by a serial killer, and Knight lost her entire team in an explosion. Both characters are damaged by their experiences. Kasie considered buying a gun to feel safer.

Turns out that Victor, the reservist found in the car, was killed by his boss in a gun accident. If this episode wasn’t a PSA for gun safety, I don’t know what is. It wasn’t an in-your-face message, but, still, don’t wave around a loaded gun when you’re in an argument. That goes without saying.

This next episode should prove interesting as well, as the team tries to interrogate a hologram. This should provide some comedic relief, as we might get to find out who on the team may be firmly against artificial intelligence, who doesn’t understand holograms, or who absolutely loves the technology.

Additionally, “NCIS” fans will get a special treat for the 13th episode of season 19; it was co-written by Brian Dietzen, Jimmy Palmer himself. That will be a good chance for fans to see him exercise his creativity and judge how good of a writer he is. In short, the “NCIS” cast loves to go behind the camera as well; Rocky Carroll directs numerous episodes, Mark Harmon executive produces, and now Dietzen is writing. It’s a great way to keep things in the “NCIS” family, with people who know the stories and characters inside and out.