‘NCIS’: Rocky Carroll’s Approach to Avoiding Ego Problems When He Directs

by Anna Dunn

NCIS actor Rocky Carroll is set to direct the first episode of 2022. In an interview from 2017, Carroll discusses his approach to directing including how he avoids ego problems when he directs. The actor has directed 16 episodes of the hit series and is also a member of the cast, playing NCIS Director Leon Vance.

In the Parade interview, the interviewer brought up just how important it is to get the right shot so the editors can do their job.

“Yeah.  It’s true. But the good thing about our show is now that it’s in its 14th season, there’s almost nothing that hasn’t been shot before,” he explained.

But, as he also explained in the interview, Rocky Carroll doesn’t like to direct like a dictator. He’s more than willing to listen to feedback. And that lack of Ego allows him to get the right shot.

“Our crew is amazing. So I rely very heavily on them. I also don’t have the ego that won’t allow me to have somebody on the crew say, “Hey you might want to get one more shot.” Or, “You might want to get the reverse angle of the thing that you just did.”  So it’s a learning process,” he said.

The Next ‘NCIS’ Episode Directed By Rocky Carroll Airs January 3rd

After the next two episodes NCIS will take a break before coming back on January 3rd. Almost every show on TV takes some sort of mid-season break. NCIS’s is thankfully a lot shorter than some of the others. Carroll has directed the episode that’ll air right as the show get back.

The episode is called Pledge of Allegiance and fans are excited to see Rocky Carroll once again take to the director’s chair.

Carroll has played the sometimes antagonistic director since season 5. He’s one of the few cast members left that’s been on the series since its “golden years” with Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, Cote De Pablo, and Michael Weatherly.

The show looks very different now, especially since Mark Harmon has left. Carroll’s Vance is one of the only consistencies. There’s also David McCallum’s Ducky, who makes occasional appearances, Sean Murray’s McGee, and Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer. These actors keep NCIS’s familiarity alive, at least for diehard fans who’ve been watching since the 2000s.

But there’s still a lot to say about the new cast. With Wilmer Valderrama, Katrina Law, and Gary Cole all being new and crucial members of the cast, the show has taken on a really different flavor. While some fans have really struggled with the change, others have embraced it. But all will probably be just fine with someone as experienced as Rocky Carroll taking the director’s chair once more.