‘NCIS’ Season 19 Fall Finale Had Fans Feeling Highly ‘Emotional’

by Taylor Cunningham

Monday’s fall finale of NCIS was a tear-jerker.

CBS’s most-watched drama wrapped up its 2021 run last night, and the highlighted case was personal for Special Agent Jessica Knight. The team investigated a slain grandmother who had been estranged from her family for years.

The victim was Sandra Holden, a successful financial advisor who was found dead outside her grandson’s soccer field. Apparently, Sandra had been watching her grandson’s games from that spot for years, which helped the NCIS team uncover a long rift she had with her daughter, Ruby.

Like Ruby, Agent Knight hadn’t spoken to her own mother in years. Investigating the feud sent Knight on a downward spiral. And the tension she was feeling caught Nick Torres‘s eye.

When Torres checked in on his friend, she revealed that she and her mother had been silent for months. Knight didn’t reveal what caused the spat with her mom, but she did say that they don’t actually fight, “not anymore,” because they’re no longer a part of each other’s lives.

“My mom and I, it’s complicated,” she admitted.

But Torres disagreed and assured her that if she and her mother love each other, it’s not difficult to mend ways.

The ‘NCIS’ Team Solves the Case With the Help of a Hologram

As for the case, the team managed to find the murderer with a little help from the victim. It seemed that Sanda created a hologram of herself that had some answers to a few burning questions. And they found that the motive for the killing surrounded the rift with Ruby.

At the time of her death, Sanda was on probation for embezzlement. And she had managed to stay out of prison with the help of her lawyer, Albert Beck. Sandra’s assistant Jeffrey claimed it had nothing to do with her family problems. Furthermore, he said she never told him why she and Ruby were at odds.

But thanks to virtual Sandra, the agents figured out everything Jeffrey said was a lie.

After ruling Jeffrey out as a suspect, the spotlight turned back on him when NCIS uncovered a $50k wire sent to his bank account. The agents managed to trace the wire to a Jamie Two-Shoes, which turns out to be Sandra’s lawyer, Albert Beck.

It turns out Sandra was not guilty of embezzlement. She was actually taking the fall for her son, who suspiciously died in a one-car accident. But Sandra didn’t believe the death was truly an accident. So she started to investigate the situation.

The $50k was sent to Jeffrey as payment for a threatening letter that warned Sandra to stop looking into the death. And the reason Albert wanted her to leave it alone was that he was actually the person who had been siphoning the funds.

By the end of the episode, the twisted case inspired Agent Knight to reconnect with her mother.

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