‘NCIS’ Season 19: Here’s Everything to Know About Upcoming ‘All Hands’ Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

The 11th episode of “NCIS” airs on January 24, and here’s what we know about the episode so far. Titled “All Hands,” this episode marks the return of Meredith Eaton as CDC researcher Carol Wilson. She appeared in episodes from season 7, 9, and 11, and season 1 of “NCIS: New Orleans”. She’s one of Abby’s old friends, so maybe this episode will have mentions to the former forensic scientist?

I wouldn’t expect a full-on Abby reappearance; the show would have hyped that up a lot. But, the episode is still weeks away, maybe they’re holding onto that little secret? Unlikely, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping.

The episode title can give us some hints, as well. “All Hands” is a shortened version of “all hands on deck.” That’s a code used on a ship to indicate that all crewmembers should report to the deck. Usually, it’s used in an emergency, so could this indicate that the “NCIS” team could be dealing with an emergency at sea? Or does it indicate that people are coming together to work on a case? Carol Wilson is coming back, after all; could there be an outbreak of some kind?

So, is this the episode that Brian Dietzen wrote? All signs point to no, not yet. He penned the 13th episode, so we still have a bit to wait until his episode. There’s still no news as to what the episode is called or what it’s about, so it will truly be a surprise. Right now, it looks like the episode will air possibly on January 31 or February 7, if other programming doesn’t get in the way.

‘NCIS’ Team is Chasing a Fugitive in New Episode

In the next episode, titled “Pledge of Allegiance”, the team is searching for a fugitive Chief Warrant Officer named Rafi Nazar. He used drones to steal intelligence equipment, and the NCIS is after him.

The newest trailer looks intense, as the team is on borrowed time; turns out, Nazar could use the equipment to launch an attack on the United States. NCIS has to stop him before he decides to do that.

It looks like they’re going to use his wife as leverage, per Jessica Knight. She confronts the wife about Nazar’s whereabouts, and then there’s a sneak peek that shows her on the sidewalk with Nazar walking towards her. Alden Parker is dressed up like a sanitation worker, tailing them. He gives the go-ahead for the team to move in. Then, I’m assuming, a chase on foot through the streets. But, we won’t know for sure until the episode airs.

“NCIS” returns on January 3, at 9 on CBS. This episode may prove to be leading into an arc, as there hasn’t been one for a while. “NCIS” has been focusing on cases-of-the-week lately, so hopefully there are deeper storylines coming.