‘NCIS’ Season 19 Premiere Reveals Aftermath of Gibbs’ Boat Explosion

by Lauren Boisvert

The NCIS season 18 finale saw Gibbs’ boat exploding and Gibbs swimming to shore. Season 19 opened up right at that moment, giving us Gibbs climbing up out of the water to shore. So, he’s alive, at least.

But, not all was well and good for the former NCIS team leader. There was clearly a piece of the splintered boat sticking out of Gibbs’ side, and he was bleeding steadily. In other words, he looked real bad. He looked back at the smoking wreckage of his boat; it was a long way off, and Gibbs is getting on in years. Not only was he probably in excruciating pain from the splinter, but he was also probably exhausted from having to swim all that way.

Gibbs must have passed out, because next, he woke up trapped in a barn somewhere, recovering from mysterious surgery.

Meanwhile, Nick Torres and McGee hear about the boat explosion and head to the lake to check it out. A police officer tells them there were no survivors (fans of course know this isn’t true), and says she ruled out foul play. But, of course, our clever detective McGee found evidence it was a pipe bomb. So someone did sabotage the boat.

‘NCIS’: Gibbs is Back in a Big Way

The team eventually gets in contact with Gibbs, and he and McGee have an intense exchange about the future of the team.

At one point, Gibbs says, “You don’t need me.” McGee replies, “You’re right. While you were out on suspension, we did our job. We made it work; we did it well.”

McGee continues, “But we’re better together. Boss, you know I’m right. You have to. You built us.”

If that’s not enough to bring a tear to your eye, you must have a heart of steel. All that, especially coming from McGee, who has been with NCIS and Gibbs since the beginning, is so heart-wrenching when you think about all Gibbs has gone through recently. Losing his job, his team, going off the rails a bit. These lines from McGee are so poignant and perfect. They do just what they needed to do: got Gibbs back on the team.

Gibbs says, “I am proud of you. Keep pushing me. Always keep pushing.” McGee replies, “Does that mean you’re in?”

And, succinctly and in perfect Gibbs-fashion, Gibbs says, “What do you got?”

So, the team is back together. Does this mean Gibbs will be reinstated as an NCIS agent? I want to say that’s not going to happen right away. That feels like something fans will have to wait for. Make us sweat a little.

NCIS season 19 will continue on CBS, Monday nights at 9/8c, followed by NCIS: Hawai’i at 10.