‘NCIS’ Season 19 Returns Introducing Potential New Traitor

by Madison Miller

After taking a hiatus during the holiday season, “NCIS” came back with a bang on Monday night.

The first episode of 2022 introduced a potential new traitor into the mix of things. The new episode, “Pledge of Allegiance,” involves a case with a suspected traitor named Rafi Nazar. He is hiding out in the Afghan Embassy within D.C. so that no one could get to him.

His goal is to sell stolen Navy software to a very unstable foreign government, which can do a lot of harm.

A Traitor is Revealed in ‘NCIS’ New Episode

While this is the obvious traitor being introduced on “NCIS,” there may be something else shady going on under the surface of it all. Nazar’s fiancée Kay is played by Amanda Schull.

For many “NCIS” fans, they’re thinking that Schull has to be more than just another guest star, given her success in the entertainment world. During the episode, Kay claims that Nazar would never steal the classified Naval information. The team confirmed he used facial recognition to access U.S. surveillance and attack drones.

Things get complicated as some defend Nazar and others claim he is at fault. Nazar eventually calls Kay from a burner phone to set up a meeting. Kay agrees to lead the team to Nazar, but at the last minute, she warns him away from them. Meanwhile, the ambassador of the Afghan Embassy tries to protect Nazar, but “NCIS” says Kay will face 27 years for aiding and abetting if he doesn’t turn himself in.

Nazar and Kay finally unite, but in a not-so-bright idea, they do so on a public street. Nazar gets shot in the shoulder from a nearby car and gets sent to the hospital. It’s at this point where the team starts to put together what’s really going on under the surface.

Kay is not a concerned lover, she’s far from it. Instead, they discover her old social media account had social media posts that called for holy wars against the enemies of Islam. She was behind the whole evil plan and used Nazar to get what she wanted. She even used his sleeping face to access that secret code.

Could a Secret About Gibbs Lead to His Return?

When it comes to this season of “NCIS,” the biggest talking point has been Gibbs. Since his exit earlier this season, fans of “NCIS” have been expressing just how much they miss seeing Mark Harmon on their screens.

In the most recent episode, a secret came out about Gibbs. McGee and Palmer each had a mysterious $10,000 appear in their bank accounts. As it turns out, it’s part of the Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Club. He gifted money to Vance, McGee, and Palmer for their kids.

“It’s in memory of his daughter, Kelly. When she was young, he started a college fund. When she died, Gibbs never closed the account. In fact, he kept adding to it. So since then, he’s helped a lot of agents’ families. Kids all going to college in Kelly’s honor,” Vance said during the episode.

It’s a nice way of keeping Gibbs in the plot without him actually being there. It just makes fans wonder, could it be a way for us to get an on-screen appearance from him?