‘NCIS’: Should Gibbs’ Exit Have Been More ‘Climactic?’

by Taylor Cunningham

Fans are still reeling over the loss of Jethro Gibbs on NCIS. But despite wishing they had more seasons with the agent, most people believe that he had a proper send-off.

Earlier this season, the NCIS team tracked a serial hitman to Alaska. And after they apprehended the murderer, Gibbs and McGee shared a touching scene. In it, the two were fly fishing, and Gibbs said that he wasn’t leaving Alaska because he’d found a sense of peace in the mountainous state—and he wasn’t “ready to let it go.”

Most fans were devastated when they watched the 18-year series veteran leave the show. And one month after the exit, some people are wondering if Gibbs had an appropriate write-off.

“Anyone else wish gibbs leaving woulda been a little more climactic?” u/ezaph asked Reddit users.

Fans Weigh in on Gibbs’s ‘NCIS’ Exit

A few users agreed with the original poster. They either wanted Gibbs’s exit to have a little more action or a little more “introspection.”

“I was ok with the peaceful exit itself. I was less thrilled with the setup. All of [a] sudden the FBI is out to crucify Gibbs? The “we are alike” bad guy story (again),” jaymonster65 wrote. “But I guess what I expected would have been more introspection from Gibbs, and an episode (or two) of flashbacks with all the characters of the show (or at least most), that “helped” him decide he did enough and was done.”

And another user wished that the episode was a tear-jerker.

“I honestly think they should’ve killed him off and do this big whole thing with him being able to be with Shannon & Kelly again,” they wrote.

One Redditor wasn’t disappointed with the agent’s last episode, but they thought he should have “had one last major ‘triumphant’ moment amidst his sage advice moments.”

But aside from the few words of disappointment, the Reddit universe seems perfectly content with how NCIS wrapped up Gibbs’s story.

Jethro Gibbs is by far one of the most popular characters in NCIS history. And most people thought he deserved to live out his golden years in peace. The agent was a steady and kind character who suffered enough with the loss of his family.

“No,” Kerivkennedy answered. “The fact he had peace he hadn’t had since Shannon and Kelly died and it was visible. That was the petulant ending for him. It could NOT have been better. He had happiness that he deserved.”

There was also an overall theme with the responses on Reddit, though. While most everyone was happy that Gibbs left without drama or death because they respected the character, they were most excited that the exit left room for the agent to return.

And since Gibbs’s Mark Harmon still has a trailer on the set of NCIS and is an active member of the production crew, everyone may get their wish. Perhaps one day, Agent Gibbs will make a guest appearance and give that last bit of sage advice fans crave.