‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Co-Wrote the Late February Return Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It feels like “NCIS” fans have been waiting forever for Brian Dietzen‘s episode, and it’s finally here. Well, it’s almost here. “NCIS” still has to go on a little break during the Olympics, but it’s most likely coming back in late February, and that’s when we’ll get Dietzen’s episode.

Dietzen co-wrote episode 13, and currently, we don’t know anything about it, not even the title. Hopefully, we’ll get more news as the air date approaches.

As for last night’s episode, titled “Fight or Flight,” we finally figured out what Torres was up to. He was getting himself into some trouble, pushing his co-workers and friends away. He was trying to vent his anger and frustrations; Palmer wanted him to confide in them and reveal why he was so angry.

But, Torres didn’t want to do that. He wanted to remain with the chip on his shoulder, still upset about Bishop and Gibbs leaving. He also could have been upset about his own father leaving. When he finally talks with Palmer at the end of the episode, he says something about fathers leaving, and it being his fault. Is he upset about his actual dad, or does he see Gibbs as a father figure, and blames himself for Gibbs leaving?

Previously in the episode, the team found a body with a missing eye. They all suspected it was linked to the fighting, so Torres and agent Sawyer went undercover. They were supposed to fight each other; but the guy running the fights set Torres up with a fighter named Vern. This guy nearly killed Torres, but Sawyer was able to sneak around and look for clues. He found the eyeball from the murder victim in a back office, linking the murder to the fighting ring.

‘NCIS’: Clues About Next Episode

Dietzen’s episode apparently features Meredith Eaton back in her role as Carol Wilson. Carol was one of Abby’s best friends, and she appeared on three “NCIS” episodes, as well as a few “NCIS: Los Angeles” as well. She’s a CDC researcher, so could this be a medically-centered episode?

I predict this next episode will center around Palmer and Carol, and maybe include Kasie as well. It could possibly be big on the medical and science aspects of “NCIS.” Is there some sort of infectious disease running amok (besides the obvious)? Some sort of forensic anomaly? Why is the CDC involved? Or is Carol just visiting some old friends, and gets sucked into a case with the “NCIS”?

It’s possible we might get an Abby mention as well. Don’t expect a full-on appearance, but maybe a hint as to what she’s been up to. I can’t imagine she would stop seeing her friends just because she left the NCIS. So, Carol should be in touch with her, I’d imagine. Honestly, that would make a lot of fans very happy.