‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Praises Script Ahead of New Episode Tonight

by Shelby Scott

Always the team player, “NCIS” star Brian Dietzen took to Twitter ahead of Monday night’s brand new episode. His tweet captures the star sharing high praise regarding the latest script. Check out the actor’s kind words below.

The star’s post shows himself as the beloved medical examiner, Dr. Jimmy Palmer as he dons a face shield and “NCIS” ballcap.

Simultaneously, “NCIS” fans shared comments relaying their thoughts on the team’s investigation.

Ahead of the episode’s debut, one follower wrote, “Can’t wait!” Another shared, “Looking forward to it!”

As were we.

Season 10 of “NCIS” has been rough for cast members and viewers alike. However, despite an onslaught of transitions and departures, ratings prove the series has done remarkably well regardless. Surely part of that comes from the work of the franchise’s scriptwriters.

‘NCIS’ Team Members Share Serious ‘Star Trek’ Discussion

Part of what made Monday night’s episode so memorable has connects with the wit and humor demonstrated by two characters. And specifically, that came during a serious “Star Trek” discussion, surely part of Chris Walid’s memorable creative efforts.

During the episode, “NCIS” fans saw Special Agent Timothy McGee share a dynamic conversation with team lead, Agent Alden Parker.

Longtime fans of “NCIS” well know Agent McGee’s love for all things sci-fi. Apparently, we’ve now found that same passion in another forerunning character.

The episode saw our favorite team investigating issues on a Navy vessel deemed “The Stargazer.”

While the moment was small, it provided our longest-reigning cast member to bond with one of “NCIS’s” newest addition.

Perhaps as we continue on through season 19, we’ll see more small moments like these that will aid in Parker’s solidification as an “NCIS” agent.

Katrina Law Highlights One ‘Fun’ Episode

Alongside Parker and McGee’s “Star Trek” bonding moment, another one of our favorite “NCIS” stars had their own thoughts regarding highlight moments from Monday night’s episode.

Katrina Law, who plays Special Agent Jessica Knight, shared a brief clip from the fun episode portraying an intense shootout scene. Covering Dietzen’s character Palmer as bullets fly across the ship’s deck, the team’s beloved medical examiner, Knight, Torres, and Parker become ensnared in one hell of a shootout.

“Remind me why we’re being shot at by the Navy,” Palmer begs of Knight. Immediately, we learn the shooters are not Navy. From there, we watch as the agents avoid unrelenting fire. While the scene itself surely portrays some of the most intense moments we see as “NCIS” fans, there’s no doubt the episode as a whole will be a memorable one for all of our favorite cast members.