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‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Reveals Behind the Scenes Collaboration in Hilarious Photos

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The folks over at NCIS are always sharing new and exciting teasers and moments from behind-the-scenes each week.

Earlier today, Brian Dietzen shared some great photos from the filming of the next new episode of the show. Dietzen of course plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the series. While the actor has been with the cast for quite some time now, he has also dipped his toes into writing.

While the crew and cast were going over a scene, Dietzen was caught in a strange position. Palmer is never carrying a gun… so how do we explain these photos that he shared on his Instagram? NCIS cast members are always ready to go it seems.

In the caption, Dietzen talked about the process that goes on behind the scenes.

“Each day on set,” he says. “We collaborate and discuss how to play a scene. Whether it’s the movement, the characters’ objectives, or finding fun little moments to accentuate the story. Apparently, during these important discussions, I hold an imaginary firearm and glare at my cast mates.”

Honestly, it looks like his NCIS castmates might want to pay attention. Poor Wilmer Valderrama looks like he is the target of whatever Dietzen is doing while everyone listens to Katrina Law. That’s alright though because Dietzen has no idea what he’s doing.

“Real talk,” he continued. “I have no clue what the hell I’m doing in this picture. And I kinda love it. New [NCIS] tonight! It’s one of my favorites we’ve done this year. Do check it out.”

Valderrama replied to his NCIS cast mate’s photos. “Can’t wait for the fans to see you handle a sword tonight.” Should be a good episode, folks.

‘NCIS’ Needs ‘All Hands’ In New Episode

As NCIS returns to the airwaves this week, there are going to be some familiar faces. Of course, the regular team will be there. Gary Cole as Agent Alden Parker is still finding his way in the show. Fans have started to take to him, slowly, but surely.

However, when the episode airs, this is going to be quite an event. Meredith Eaton returns as her character Carol Wilson. The actress has appeared in seasons 7, 9, and 11 as well as the first season of NCIS: New Orleans. If she is on board, then there might be an illness or disease situation going on.

The episode title is All Hands and that might just be shorthand for “All Hands on Deck.” However, it also means we are going to see another very familiar face. Dr. Donald “Ducky’ Mallard! So fans will be very entertained by this episode when it premieres tonight on CBS.