‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Reveals His Favorite Christmas Album

by Kati Michelle

With Christmas less than three weeks away, there’s simply no denying it anymore. ‘Tis the damn season. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is now on full display after the 89th annual tree lighting ceremony. And when it comes to picking out your favorite Christmas album, there’s never any shortage of options to pick from. Mike Rowe strangely threw his hat into that ring with John Rich this year, but you can’t go wrong with a classic either. (We’re talking some Randy Travis.) For one “NCIS” star, Brian Dietzen, classic is the way to go this year and his pick might even surprise you.

The man behind the Dr. Jimmy Palmer character shared his hot take in a tweet earlier this morning. According to the “NCIS” star, It’s a Holiday Soul Party is a top contender for bringing in the holiday spirit. The album comes from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings.

Here’s the tweet:

Like the title suggests, the album features an R&B/Soul feel. Its 11 songs celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. You’ll recognize classics like “Silver Bells” and “White Christmas” while also getting treated to some reimaginings like “Funky Little Drummer Boy” and “God Bless Ye Merry Gents.” Originals from the album then include “Big Bulbs,” “Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects,” and “8 Days (of Hanukkah).”

Unfortunately, Sharon Jones passed away not long after the album’s 2015 release. Reports show that she died on November 18th, 2016 following a “heroic battle against pancreatic cancer.”

The ‘NCIS’ Star Reveals Whether One Particular Scene Was Actually Written Into the Script or Improvised

Brian Dietzen regularly interacts with fans across his various social media platforms. Yesterday, a fan tweeted the actor to ask about one “NCIS” scene in particular. They posed the following question:

“Help me out here @BrianDietzen. #NCIS Was the autopsy scene with Gary Cole about Mousetrap and Operation an improv?”

Dietzen replied soon after confirming that the scene was, in fact, a part of the script all along. He also gave credit where credit is due to a couple of the brilliant writers from the series.

Here’s that tweet:

Dietzen Tells Fans to Embrace Change When it Comes to Welcoming New Cast Members

The “NCIS” star responded to some criticisms about the show recently, too, namely with one fan who told him the show just “isn’t the same without Gibbs.” His reply is a perfect combination of wit and grace:

“Correct. Change inherently brings something different. Give it a try and see what you think!”