‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Shows Off Trusty Leather Bag with a ‘Few Stories’ Behind It

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Ever since 2004, Brian Dietzen has portrayed the straight-laced and insightful Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS. He has a great bag to show for it.

Is there anything better than a nice piece of leather clothing or an accessory that ages beautifully? Since 2006, Dietzen has held close to a leather bag given to him and the rest of the cast and crew. For the Palmer actor, it was the perfect bag for everyday use.

Ever since 2006, he has brought the bag with him to work every single day. That is a lot of scenes, episodes, seasons, and events that the bag has been through with Dietzen. Even though it is worn and well-used, you can still see where it says, “Brian Dietzen Happy Holidays The NCIS Crew 2006.”

The NCIS actor loves the bag. In his Instagram caption, he went on about the history behind the leather satchel.

“I love this bag. I’ve had [it] with me every day at work for the past 12 years or so. When the strap broke and the handle started to wear, I took it to a leatherworker and had it fixed up over the holiday break. It was given to our cast by the best crew in the business during our 6th season, and I love how it’s aged. A few more wrinkles, a few scratches, and many good memories. Some things look better after they have a few stories behind them.”

It is clear that this bag is very important to the NCIS actor. When you find a good jacket, a nice pair of boots, or a leather bag, it means a lot. Dietzen is going to keep repairing this bag until it is brand new again.

Brian Dietzen Smiles Alongside Other ‘NCIS’ Stars

After years on the show, Dietzen has made friends with just about everyone who came in and out of the show. So, the latest photo that came out showing him alongside his fellow stars on NCIS is no surprise. It looks like the Jimmy Palmer actor was having a great time with Katrina Law and Wilmer Valderrama.

Law took to her Instagram account to show fans the trio was having a great time on the set of the show. Of course, Law and Valderrama are often together on the screen as well. Their relationship off the screen definitely helps the chemistry of the show. Dietzen just seems like the kind of guy that can fit into any crowd.

This season of NCIS is going to take a little time off from new episodes. However, the show will return before the Winter Olympics starts. This season has been progressing as Alden Parker leads the team in the absence of Gibbs.