‘NCIS’ Star Cote de Pablo Intitally Hated One of Her Co-Stars

by Madison Miller

They may have played a couple on the screen, but it was far from love at first sight for one fan-favorite “NCIS” duo.

Michael Weatherly played Tony DiNozzo on the show starting in season one and then all the way up until season 13. He then quickly starred in his own show on CBS called “Bull.” His co-star, Cote de Pablo, played fellow agent Ziva David on “NCIS.”

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo Rocky Relationship

She departed the show in season 10 after her character left to return to Israel. She was presumed dead eventually, but then made a shocking return to the screen in the 16th and 17th seasons of the show.

Clearly, the two actors had gone through a lot together on the screen. So, what was their relationship like when they weren’t portraying special agents?

Well, Michael Weatherly told Deadline in 2016 that the two really didn’t get along right away.

“I remember so vividly the screen test with Cote. She just loathed me instantly — and I mean Michael Weatherly — but we quickly became very close friends,” Weatherly said. It’s unclear exactly what sparked this intense dislike on Cote de Pablo’s end. Whatever it was faded quickly, however.

That worked out well for “NCIS.” If the two ended up hating each other off the screen, it’s hard to imagine they would have had as good of chemistry on the screen.

The two stayed in contact after Pablo left the show, too. She would return for the viewing party for Weatherly’s final episode in order to support him. Above all else, the two liked each other so much that they wanted to spend years working together on another show, too. The duo attempted to create their very own show after “NCIS.”

The show was going to be called “MIA” on CBS but never amounted to a real show or pilot. It does show just how much the two work well together, however.

Weatherly’s Relationship with Pauley Perrette

It seems like Weatherly is also close to other former actors on the show as well.

Pauley Perrette was a fan-favorite on “NCIS” from 2003 to 2018. The two seem to be very close after their time on the show together. In fact, when she wished Weatherly a happy birthday it showed exactly what kind of bond the two maintain.

“All my love and everything I’ve got to my beloved brother @M_Weatherly on his birthday today. Forever Family. Forever my beloved brother. #HappyBirthdayMichaelWeatherly LOVE YOU!” Perrette wrote on Twitter.

Even on the show, DiNozzo was like a brotherly, protective figure for Abby. It seems like that extended beyond the screen. Weatherly also showed his support for her CBS show “Broke,” which has since been canceled.