‘NCIS’ Star Diona Reasonover Wants to ‘Bless Your Timeline’ With This ‘Cute’ Kasie Hines Snap

by Megan Molseed

When Kasie Hines first made her appearances in the NCIS offices in the hit CBS series’s fourteenth season, she was just learning the ropes.

First appearing as Ducky Mallard’s (David McCallum) wet-behind-the-ears graduate assistant, the forensic scientist eventually gained a bigger role as Ducky continued to work on his book.

Then, as NCIS entered its sixteenth season on the air, the forensic scientist character became a major player. And, it seems Diona Reasonover, the actress who plays Hines, is having a blast with the role.

In fact, the actress teased Monday night’s episode Docked with a photo of her character all suited up in the NCIS lab’s gear along, including a glimpse of a fashionable “Kasie Hines look.”

“Letting this cute protective style and outfit bless your timeline,” the NCIS star says in a Monday afternoon Instagram post.

Diona Reasonover’s Insta post includes a picture of herself as she portrays Kasie Hines in the recent NCIS episode.

The actress is looking stylish and comfortable dressed in cute checkered pants and vest two-piece outfit with a matching striped tee-shirt underneath.

Reasonover’s Kasie Hines has tossed an NCIS white lab coat over her relaxed yet, professional outfit.

The character is also wearing a pair of glasses, more than likely these work to protect the scientist’s eyes while she is busy at work solving crimes in her lab.

‘NCIS’ Forensic Scientist Fit Right In From the Start

Diona Reasonover joined the popular police procedural drama as a regular recurring character during the season’s fourteenth season. However, by season sixteen, Reasonover had been promoted to a full-time NCIS character.

A move, Reasonover says, she was excited but extremely nervous to make.

“I was very worried about going into such an ongoing show,” the NCIS star explains. “I felt like I would never catch up.”

However, the actress notes, the nerves soon settled once she saw how welcoming the NCIS cast was to her when she started playing the forensic specialist.

“I felt like I was starting a new school and everyone was so much further ahead of me,” Reasonover continues. “Everyone on set has been so welcoming and wonderful.”

“I learned the kind of set that I value,” the NCIS star adds. And, Reasonover notes, this is a lesson that she will always keep with her.

“I really value people who work hard and the family aspect of being on the NCIS set,” Reasonover notes. “Everybody is there for one another.”