‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law ‘Lost a Bet’ to Sean Murray in Hilarious Pic

by Lauren Boisvert

The great thing about having Katrina Law on “NCIS” is now a huge audience gets to see how genuinely funny she is on social media. She also, apparently, doesn’t like pizza. Or, maybe, just this particular pizza.

In a recent Instagram post, Law grimaces holding a lackluster-looking slice of pizza. Sean Murray grins next to her. “I lost the bet,” she captioned the post. What bet she’s talking about I can only imagine. Maybe it has something to do with the new “NCIS” episode, maybe not. But, Katrina Law is definitely the humorous presence fans need on the show and behind the scenes right now.

“NCIS” fans have definitely been gloomy lately with Mark Harmon seemingly gone for good. He’s still executive producer, but fans are missing him as Gibbs on the show. It was a shock when he left in the episode “Great Wide Open.” There was no warning in the promos that it would be his last episode.

So, having Katrina Law around to give everyone a hilarious pick-me-up is exactly what “NCIS” needed. Let’s hope she keeps being herself and doing what she’s doing; making us all laugh again.

Could ‘NCIS’ Last Much Longer?

With “NCIS” mainstay Gibbs actually gone now, fans on Reddit are predicting that the show could go the same way. With all the cast changes over the past few weeks, fans are predicting this might be the end of the show.

Given we’re currently in Season 19, I don’t foresee the show lasting much longer,” one fan wrote on Reddit. They went on to explain why “NCIS” has lasted, and what they love about it. “One of the things I have always loved about ‘NCIS’ […] is that it had a true family dynamic behind the week-to-week case and major story-arcs which separated it from other dramas past and present.”

Another fan had a great way of looking at this new cast that didn’t involve comparing it to the previous family dynamic of Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, McGee, and Abby. “If I just look at it in its current form as it’s own show (let’s call it NCIS: Washington DC) without comparing it to the classic show, it’s not a bad show at all,” they wrote. “It’s basically a spin-off of itself…and not a bad spinoff either.”

It’s a wonderful way of thinking about it, and a way to accept the new cast if you’re having trouble adjusting. It’s just another “NCIS” under the larger umbrella of the original “NCIS.” Sure, there are some things that are still not ideal for fans; a lot of people don’t like that Alden Parker is the boss now instead of McGee. But, maybe next week’s episode, which involves McGee’s family, will delve deeper into why he turned down the job.