‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law ‘Nails’ Ginger Bread House Decorating – But You Be the Judge

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Yarish/CBS

Yes, you probably knew that new NCIS star Katrina Law was cool enough to use a Run-DMC Christmas classic as the theme music for her holiday decorating.

On Saturday, the actress who we love as Jess Knight was showing off her newly decorated gingerbread house. And she was quite pleased with the results. That’s why she took a short video of said tasty house with Christmas in Hollis playing in the background.

“NAILED IT!,” the NCIS star posted on Instagram. Yes, it is that season for decorations and rap holiday classics.

‘NCIS’ Star Used to Star in Hallmark Christmas Movies

Did you know that long before Law ever thought about a cast spot on NCIS, she was a romantic heroine on several Hallmark Christmas movies?

She’s starred in three Hallmark holiday movies, giving this NCIS star some serious Christmas bonafides. The latest movie was Christmas with the Darlings, which premiered in 2020. Hallmark already has run the movie several times during this holiday season. And it has one more airing before Christmas (Dec. 14) with two broadcasts on Dec. 26 and 27th.

There’s a family reason why Law loves making Hallmark movies. And we know Christmas means family. Her sister-in-law wrote two of the three movies she starred in.

In 2015, Law starred in 12 Gifts of Christmas. In the movie, Law plays an artist turned professional gift buyer, kind of the exact opposite of the character she portrays on NCIS. Donna Mills, who starred in classic primetime soap Knots Landing, also is in the movie.

Law’s first Hallmark holiday movie was in 2013. That was Snow Bride. Coincidentally, Law worked alongside Home Improvement’s Patricia Richardson, who guest-starred in a November NCIS episode called Docked. In this made-for-TV movie, Law played a journalist who specializes in celebrity gossip. But she’s good at uncovering dirt, which kind of makes her like Jess on NCIS.

A week ago, Law also was in the Christmas spirit. She snapped a selfie of herself wearing a Santa hat and a festive red jacket as she was on her way to Comic-Con LA.

Series Finished Fall Season Earlier This Week. Show Returns Jan. 3

The NCIS fall finale was this past Monday. And Jess was a big part of the plot of Collective Memory. The case of the week was who murdered a super successful, but former, financier named Sandra. Jess never met Sandra in person, but she bonded with her interactive hologram a tech company created before she was murdered. In the episode, Sandra kept referring to Jess as “Ruby.” That was Sandra’s estranged daughter.

As the NCIS episode unfolded, Jess revealed to Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) that she and her mother hadn’t spoken in months. Torres, her partner, told Jess that if she still loved her mother, their relationship wasn’t that complicated. After the team solved the case, Jess called her mother. It wasn’t an NCIS holiday-themed episode, but it certainly featured a perfect Christmas moment. So call your mother.

The next new NCIS episode is set for Jan. 3. It’ll be the perfect antidote to get you through your holiday hangover.