‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Is ‘Road Trip Ready’ in New Photo

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” remains on its winter hiatus, although Outsiders only have days to wait until the hit show returns to CBS on Monday, January 2nd, just after the New Year. Now, as “NCIS” wraps up its winter break, cast member Katrina Law is “road trip ready” in her latest Instagram post. Check it out.

Stepping away from her usual black “NCIS” attire and ballcap, Katrina Law donned fashionable Ray-Ban sunglasses and petal pink lipstick for the photo. To make preparations for the trip even more exciting, the “NCIS” star also boasted a peanut-covered caramel apple.

Overall, the post garnered a lot of likes and comments, with fans sending well wishes for the “NCIS” star’s journey and complimenting her simple makeup.

“Pure beauty!” commented one “NCIS” fan, while another wrote, “Now that’s how ya roll!”

Another fan of Katrina Law’s was immensely excited for the “NCIS” star’s road trip. They commented beneath the post, “You road trip your ass off[,] I love you on NCIS[,] you enjoy your time off and thank you for entertaining us.”

Other fans applauded the “NCIS” actress’s snack of choice, myself included, as follower Allen Kim wrote, “Caramel apple on road trip[,] snack approval rating infinity percent.” Though surely messy, I could definitely go for this kind of road trip snack any day.

Unfortunately for curious Outsiders, the star didn’t state where she was headed. Although as Katrina Law embarks on her latest journey, perhaps she’ll share updates along the way.

‘NCIS’ is CBS’s Most-Watched Show of 2021

As Katrina Law heads off on her latest road trip, she and her costars have reason to celebrate as “NCIS” remains CBS’s most-watched show of 2021. The hit procedural drama scored the slot for another year in a row after remaining the network’s most-watched show following its season 18 closure.

Because the 19th season has seen a vast collection of changes and transitions, namely the departure of show patriarch Mark Harmon, it would have made sense for the popular series to drop. However, despite an expected dip in viewership, “NCIS” managed to reign in an impressive total of 11.43 million people this year, speaking to the legacy of the CBS show itself.

That said, TVLine did highlight the dip in viewership that “NCIS” sustained this year, attributing the loss to the plethora of streaming options now available to fans. Nevertheless, “NCIS,” just like its beloved characters, endured the hardship and continued to hold strong in an extremely competitive arena.

While “NCIS” remained the network’s most-watched show overall, other hit series including “NCIS: Hawai’i,” “CSI: Vegas,” “Bull,” and “S.W.A.T” all saw noteworthy improvements within their time slots.

Overall then, it proved a successful year for CBS, and we can’t wait to see what some of our favorite franchises bring forward in 2022.