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‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Starred in Several Hallmark Christmas Movies Before Joining the Show

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Before she was a boss agent on NCIS, Katrina Law’s career featured a softer, romantic side who loved the holidays.

And if you’re checking out the Hallmark Channel, you probably recognize Law’s face, but probably not the attitude.

Law, aka Jess Knight on NCIS, has three Hallmark movies in her earlier acting background. The latest was Christmas with the Darlings, which premiered in 2020. Hallmark already has run the movie again for the 2021 holiday season. And it has five more airings between now and New Year’s Eve.

There’s a good reason why Law loves making Hallmark movies. Her sister-in-law wrote two of the three movies she starred in.

“I personally love my sister-in-law regardless of whether I was related to her or not,” the newest NCIS star told TV Insider in December 2020. “I think she’s brilliant, I think she’s talented, and I think she writes really fun, creative, heartwarming funny stories. And to be part of it and to know she trusted me with her second movie was an honor. And to know Hallmark trusted me with a third movie was even more of an honor.”

In the most recent movie, Law also played a character named Jessica. This fictional Jessica starts out as an executive assistant to Charles Darlington, the CEO of the company. But she recently received a promotion to company lawyer. She picks up Charles’ orphaned nieces and nephew and offers to spend Christmas with them. And while doing so, she falls in love with Charles’ brother, Max. See, it’s not very NCIS-like, is it?

In 2015, Law starred in the 12 Gifts of Christmas. Although the movie was filmed six years ago, it’s still relevant today. After all, holidays and romance never go out of style. You’ve got four chances to check it out. Click here for more info. The next return is the day after Thanksgiving. In the movie, Law plays an artist turned professional corporate gift buyer. Will she fall in love with her latest client? After all, it’s Hallmark. Donna Mills, who starred in TV classic Knots Landing, also is in the movie.

Her first movie for Hallmark was in 2013. That was Snow Bride. And coincidentally, she also worked with Home Improvement’s Patricia Richardson, who just guest-starred in the most recent NCIS episode. Hallmark has it in the holiday rotation three more times. Maybe the character in this movie is more like her NCIS self. Law played a journalist who specializes in celebrity gossip (OK, maybe NCIS is a stretch comparison here). But she has to sniff out tabloid news, as opposed to investigating criminals.

NCIS returns with a new episode, Nov. 29. It’s called Peacekeeper. And according to CBS, here’s what it’s about: “NCIS investigates the case of a Navy reservist whose body is found in a beat-up car at the end of a gun range. Also, Kasie weighs the pros and cons of buying a gun.”

Law joined NCIS as a recurring character at the end of season 18. She was elevated to a full-time cast to start season 19.