‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Supports Red Cross and Disaster Relief

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Art Streiber/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Natural disaster has been the topic of discussion lately. The last several weeks have seen a variety of extreme weather phenomena strike multiple regions within the United States. Between tornadoes and flash flooding sprinkled with earthquakes and winter weather, no part of the Midwest has gone untouched. Now, following the national devastation, “NCIS” star Katrina Law has shown her support for the American Red Cross and disaster relief in her latest post.

Katrina Law has rapidly become accustomed to serving the public on “NCIS” with her role as Special Agent Jessica Knight. Meanwhile, the actress herself has taken action in helping survivors of this month’s natural disasters work through ongoing hardships.

Within the above clip, the “NCIS” star asks followers to donate time, blood, or money to disaster relief. The cause remains especially important as many American families have had their homes, livelihoods, and even families members ripped from them after devastating tornadoes. And all right before Christmas.

Now marks the iconic season of giving. With that, Law encourages us to do our part in making sure affected Outsiders nationwide receive the help they need. For those able to help, the “NCIS” star encourages us to visit redress.org/cbs.

Katrina Law Features Her Pup in New Christmas Photos

While Katrina Law remains busy with the American Red Cross during “NCIS’s” temporary hiatus, she’s also taken extra time to spend with her adorable brindled pup. One of the actress’s recent Instagram posts capture her and her dog attempting to take Christmasy selfies, and they went just about as you might expect.

The slide of images captures Katrina Law as she is attacked with loving, wet puppy kisses that result in relatively blurry scenes.

Each image shows the star’s bright white smile as she laughs at the dog’s relentless endeavor. The background gets fans in the Christmas spirit as the adorable pair appear in front of a brightly colored tree and seemingly hand-cut snowflakes.

In the end, the “NCIS” star winds up capturing one clear photo, although it appears her pup had wrapped up their silly shenanigans by then.

Meanwhile, fans took to the comments to share their love for both the dog and Katrina Law herself.

“I think he loves you,” wrote on of the actress’s followers, followed by several puppy emojis.

Another commented, “You’re doing a great job!!” presumably responding to Law’s caption which was, “Trying to be cute.”

“The dog is cute too!!” the same follower added.

Other following comments consisted of “The cutest!!!” and “Mission accomplished,” speaking to the “NCIS” actress’s humorous caption.

Overall, Katrina Law is keeping in touch with “NCIS” fans via Instagram while the CBS show takes its winter break. However, for those anxious for the series’ return, be sure to tune in to CBS on Monday, January 3rd at 9 p.m. for the newest “NCIS” episode.