‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law’s Stunning New Pic Draws Hilarious Response From Costar Wilmer Valderrama

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (November 8th) NCIS star Katrina Law took to her Instagram to share a snapshot that not only looks stunning, but it received a hilarious response from her co-star, Wilmer Valderrama. 

“Waiting for tonight’s episode of NCIS,” Law captioned the post, which features her holding a coffee mug while standing by a lake with mountains in the background.

Her NCIS co-star just couldn’t resist making a joke. “Green screen, I’m calling it,” Valderrama stated in the post. His next comment was, “I mean! You’re STANDING on water!!”

Law responded with a laugh-cry emoji while NCIS fans responded to the comment. “Man that’s Katrina Law, she walks on water!” one Instagram user declared. Another user wrote, “That’s how angelic she is.”

Law was brought on a main cast member of NCIS this past summer. As previously reported, Law portrayed Jessica Knight for a couple of the show’s season 18 episodes.

“You’re going to see Jessica Knight come in and she’s going to struggle a little bit trying to figure out how to step in with the team,” Law shared on The Talk. She also said the struggles will be due to the fact that Knight is an experienced NCIS agent and she has a history outside the team. 

Law goes on to add that her NCIS character butt heads with other members of the team every now and then. “But I think in a really positive way because I think at the end of the day, she really wants to contribute and fit in as much as she can. But she might struggle a little bit.”

‘NCIS’ Katrina Law Opens Up About Her Acting Career 

During a 2019 interview with Pop-Culturalist, Katrina Law discussed her acting career’s growth and development before NCIS. “My very first job was an extra on Lucky Numbers, a Nora Ephron film. They were shooting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I remember being so excited that a Hollywood production was coming to my side of town.”

The NCIS castmate said she drove two and a half hours to get to Harrisburg to be the extra. But the production was done in the middle of November. It was obviously pretty cold outside. She was only paid around fifty dollars for the role. But despite that, she loved the time on set. “It was one of the best days of my life because I was so happy. I love set life. And I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to do this as a career.”

In regards to her acting career as a whole, the NCIS star goes on to add, “There are times where I have to remind myself don’t ever lose that level of excitement. Don’t ever take this industry for granted. Don’t ever take this job for granted. It’s moments like that.”