‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Gives Major Shout Out to ‘One of the Most Incredible’ Musicians

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Longtime “NCIS” star Sean Murray gave an uplifting shout out to a great musician on Twitter recently, sharing his music taste with the world at large. Sean Murray is an interesting guy, with surprising taste in music and art; his favorite director is David Lynch, so you know he’s into bizarre, Avant Garde stuff.

Murray started his tweet with, “hi! just wanted to drop in for a moment to thank Alejandra Ghersi aka @arca1000000 for sharing her gifts with us. this woman is one of the most incredible artist/producers around and IMO has been making some of the most interesting, edgy music out there for some time now.”

In a second tweet he continued, “some of the best sounds I’ve heard since Aphex Twin. her recent KICK series is a total masterpiece; the five albums in the project are all very different beasts that nicely showcase Arca’s wide range of talents. HIGHLY recommended for the adventurous.”

He also praised Ghersi’s art and left a link to her website in a third tweet, writing, “p.s. check out her art/visuals as well. amazing. a boundary-pushing artist that is on another level and always evolving…arca1000000.com.”

I’ve only listened to one song by Arca but I have to agree with Murray. The sound is spectacular, the beats are intense and intriguing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the listening experience. I’m definitely going to give Arca more of a listen after this recommendation.

Sean Murray Talks Being on ‘NCIS’

Sean Murray has been on “NCIS” since the beginning, adding up to a long 18 years of playing Timothy McGee. But, he seems to love it, because he’s still there. In conversation with Starry Mag, Murray spoke about what he takes away from his role on “NCIS” after all these years.

“I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I’ve taken away from this show,” he said. “As an actor, I’ve been able to learn and practice a lot of things over the years. You get the time to find out what works for you as an actor. And the more time you have time doing that, the more comfortable you usually can be. So, as far as the craft, I’ve learned a lot.”

He’s certainly honed his craft and learned a lot about his character in the time he’s been on the show. Murray has really developed McGee as a character into someone who’s grown with him. McGee started out as the bottom rung of the team, and he’s climbed that ladder to become the one they all look to. He could have led the team if he wanted to, but he knew that his place was right where he’d always been; as a strong support for the other members of the team. McGee isn’t quite a leader, but he’s also not a blind follower. He is, essentially, the pillar that holds them all up.