‘NCIS’ Star Teases ‘Dark Times’ Ahead With Bloody New Video

by Chase Thomas

NCIS is heating up this fall, but it is especially heating up for Nick Torres, who is played by Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer took to his personal Instagram page to reveal a bloody and scratched-up face. He also has a message for fans of the program, where he captioned the video, “Dark times ahead for Special Agent Torres. #NCIS.”

Yes, it certainly looks like things are about to get much worse for Torres on NCIS this season. Remember, Torres joined the program in 2016 in Season 14 of the show. Fans have latched onto Torres, especially with Gibbs gone, as Gary Cole is still far to new in his role and Torres having the connection that he did with Gibbs. With Gibbs gone, Torres has stepped up in a major way.

Torres has been on the show for six years now, so fans are quite familiar with who he is as a character. However, one of the more interesting things to note about his character is all the backstory on him that is available to sort through. While he may have been on the show for a long period of time now, fans do not know much about how he got there, they just know who he is now. Perhaps these dark times ahead involve his backstory? This is the cool thing about where NCIS is at the moment, the possibilities are endless for his character and these kinds of teases on social media are exactly the kind of thing that get fans even more invested in what happens next.

Nick Torres Future on ‘NCIS’

It’s interesting that Wilmer is playing up his future on the show as much as he is right now. Fans are naturally worried about what lies ahead for the fan-favorite character in Torres. However, there are multiple layers at play with this particular scenario.

Is Wilmer playing up Torres’ dark future on the show because of the speculation about his future? It is fair to wonder if this at least part of what Wilmer is playing up here. His future on the program is cloudy at best. Fans just went through a big-time departure in Gibbs not too long ago, either.

Perhaps this is entirely an angle for the program where Torres is in for a rough time for the foreseeable future. It is very possible.

In real life, Wilmer is about to get a lot busier. He was recently added to the new CBS program Mexican Beverly Hills. He will be an executive producer of the show. The show centers on a Mexican-American family that eventually moves to a town called Downey. The town is known as a wealthy Latinx area.