‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Developing New Comedy for CBS: ‘Couldn’t Be More Proud’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Wilmer Valderrama is far more than his NCIS role. He’s also CEO of his own production company.

And that company announced Wednesday that it was developing a new comedy for CBS. It’s called Mexican Beverly Hills.

Deadline reported the news that Valderrama’s production company had the new show. Then it was confirmed by Valderrama on social media. The NCIS star took a screen shot of the Deadline headline and posted it on Instagram with this caption:

“Erick, Aaron, Kaitlin all bases loaded.. let’s swing away… Another victory, for our Wilmer Valderrama family and I couldn’t be more proud of the heart that goes into everything we develop!”

What Is New Show from NCIS Star About?

Valderrama’s main job is portraying Nick Torres on NCIS. But he produces other content, from TV shows to movies to podcasts.

He’ll be the executive producer on Mexican Beverly Hills. So will Kaitlin Saltzman.  Erick Galindo and Aaron Izek will produce and write the family-friendly series.

According to Deadline, the series is based on Galindo’s essay for the New York Times. Mexican Beverly Hills is a place. It’s what people call Downey, a suburb 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Deadline said the series will tell the story of a working-class Mexican-American family who moves to Downey.

Galindo wrote the column last December. He described Downey as “hoity-toity, gilded and more conservative than surrounding neighborhoods — a status-marking place where the average household income, at $88,000, is significantly higher than in other areas in Los Angeles with a similar ethnic makeup.”

Izek, who also is part of Mexican Beverly Hills, wrote for the CBS comedy Broke and is part of the team for the Disney+ series American Born Chinese.

Walderrama is in his fifth year playing Torres on NCIS. This season, the show definitely is going through some changes.

There are obvious ones for Torres. He lost his love interest when Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) decided to publicly trash her NCIS career so she could take a deep undercover assignment with the CIA. She told Torres goodbye in the season 18 finale. But it was only after Torres tracked her down to demand answers. The two kissed, then Bishop walked away.

As season 19 opened, Torres and the rest of the NCIS crew were frantically trying to find Gibbs (Mark Harmon). His boat blew up at the end of season 18.

Then everyone helped Gibbs investigate a hitman, who turned out to be former military. He killed eight people, with half of them connected to a copper mine being built in Alaska. After the NCIS team figured out who had done the killing, they needed to investigate who paid the hit man.

But all this was a plot vehicle for Gibbs to figure out that he no longer wanted to be NCIS special agent in charge. Harmon said his good byes to the show earlier this month.

NCIS returns with a new episode this coming Monday. It’s called “False Start.” According to the CBS plot summary, the agents will investigate the death of a Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country.