‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Sends Inspiring Message About ‘Ambitious Proclamations’

by Maggie Schneider

In his latest Instagram post, the “NCIS” star is inspiring fans with a message about achieving one’s dreams. Beginning his caption with a timestamp of “4:30 AM,” Wilmer Valderrama writes about manifesting “ambitious proclamations.”

“Something else wakes with you, and is beside you the rest of the day…. It’s a knowing, an undeniable energy that will absolutely dominate and achieve your most ambitious proclamations,” he writes.

Ending his caption with the hashtag #MyHourADay, it appears that Valderrama is meditating on his back porch. Fans appreciate the actor’s message and enjoy seeing this morning view.

“Love that deck! Have an awesome day,” one fan says.

“You have achieved so much, you have a beautiful family, but most importantly you live your life with integrity and Grace. ❤️,” another comment reads.

The “NCIS” star’s inspiring message is the perfect way to start the day.

The ‘NCIS’ Star’s Parenting Perspective

Wilmer Valderrama is a new father! He and his fiancée Amanda Pacheco welcomed their baby daughter into the world last February. While they are both attentive parents, Valderrama says that being an attentive husband is just as important.

“The baby is our priority, but you are mine,” he tells his love. “They tell you, ‘It’s all about the baby,’ but when you’re both with the baby, you can forget about each other and lose yourself there.”

He adds that it is crucial to stay a proactive member of the family.

“Your job as a partner is not just to be there. If you’re not doing anything, you’re not doing enough. There are a million things to be done while your partner is nursing: Get the baby, change the baby, burp the baby, track the feeding, and keep the mommy hydrated, fed, and rested.”

The happy couple is in love with their baby girl, Nakano Oceana Valderrama. His wife shares her gratitude for her fiancé and family as well.

“It can be tough to ask for help, because as a new mom, you want to have it all together,” she says. “But having family helps. It never feels like we’re asking too much. I’m so happy Nakano will grow up surrounded by affection.”

Their Vintage Home

The “NCIS” star’s family is enjoying life in Chuck Norris’ previous home in Los Angeles. Decorated with vintage items furniture, the home is incredibly unique. From newspaper wall art and flooring to an antique bar, it is truly a sight to see. Architectural Digest photographed the home and interviewed Valderrama back in 2020.