‘NCIS’ Stars Once Experienced a Mock Interrogation While on ‘The Talk’

by Lauren Boisvert

The “NCIS” cast once got the tables turned on them during a 2015 interview with The Talk. They were so used to interrogating suspects on the show, that The Talk hosts decided to flip the script and interrogate them.

The result was a hilarious take on the show’s endless interrogation scenes, with host Julie Chen getting into the actors’ faces and asking them questions like, “We have substantial evidence that places you at the scene of numerous pranks on the set.”

Chen goes to Mark Harmon first, accusing him of pranking Cote de Pablo. He confesses, claiming, “I convinced her the elevators on our show moved.”

Next up was Sara Gilbert, who interrogated Cote de Pablo. “You are facing charges of talking behind your co-stars’ backs. Is it true that you slandered Michael [Weatherly] by saying he was rude and unprofessional when you first met?”

Michael Weatherly turns to de Pablo, looking shocked. “I totally said that, yes,” de Pablo responds immediately.

Then, Aisha Tyler takes the stage to interrogate Pauley Perrette. “Today you stand accused of getting your co-star, Brian Dietzen to strip down on camera, how do you plead?” Next to Perrette, Deitzen completely cracks up. Perrette grins and says, “Guilty.” Tyler and Perrette’s fist bump while Deitzen laughs.

‘NCIS’ Cast Gets Interrogated Just Like Their Suspects

Then it’s Dietzen’s turn. Sheryl Underwood corners him and says, “We have evidence that you are smuggling rock-hard abs under that shirt. Show us the goods!” To cheers and laughter, Deitzen lifts his shirt and shows off his abs, Underwood shouting, “I have done my job! My work is done!” Dietzen collapses on the table, saying, “She broke me!”

Sharon Osbourne gets a crack at Michael Weatherly next, and he looks cool as cucumbers as she says, “Mark Harmon says you’re guilty of having the best pair of legs in the business. We need evidence.” So unfolds a hilarious scene in which Weatherly grabs Osbourne and kisses her to get out of taking his pants off on television. Understandably, the entire cast cracks up, Mark Harmon especially.

Julie Chen then claims they have the top-secret script for the season 13 finale, asking if everyone wants to know how it ends. She flipped the script yet again, by telling the audience to tune in to the show instead. Well played, Julie, well played.

The “NCIS” cast takes the interrogation in stride; they take the embarrassing questions in good humor, playing along. They all have great senses of humor and appreciate the comedy of things often. Fans can tell they love a good joke, considering “NCIS” is one of the funnier cop shows on TV. Things have been a little dour on the show lately, so it’s a nice reminder that the “NCIS” cast loves a good laugh.