‘NCIS’: The Team Faces the Future With Hologram in Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

You may think that the writers of NCIS have thought of everything during the show’s 18-year run. But they haven’t. Well, not until they wrote an upcoming episode titled Collective Memory.

Season 19 Episode 9 of NCIS is destined to be a doozy. The team will be investigating the murder of a hologram. Yes, you read that right—a hologram.

Collective Memory will follow the mystery of a murdered financial advisor who is killed at a naval station. Just before the advisor is shot, she creates a three-dimensional hologram of herself. And In order to solve the case, the NCIS team speaks to the hologram—meaning the hologram will actually help NCIS find the murderer. Sounds wild, right?

We’re interested to see how the show pulls off the story because it’s hard to fathom. But we’re more than certain that the writers will deliver the episode perfectly. Their creativity is why the series has lasted nearly two decades after all.

The episode will air on CBS on Monday, Dec. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). And following the debut, Collective Memory will be available to stream on-demand on Paramount+.

‘NCIS’ Producers Explain How Mark Harmon Is So ‘Extraordinary’ Behind the Scenes

According to the supervising producer of NCIS, Mark Harmon is one of the most down-to-earth, friendly actors in Hollywood. And after hearing that, we miss Agent Gibbs even more (insert collective sigh here).

This week, Outsider sat down with supervising producer Richie Owens to chat about all things NCIS. And Owens had nothing but good things to say about Mark Harmon.

Richie Owens began working on the hit CBS crime drama back in 2003—the same year it premiered. And he’s been with the crew ever since. So Owens knows Harmon well. Mark Harmon was, of course, the star of the show (and to some people, he still is). But according to Owens, the fame never got to the actor’s head.

“Oh, no, he’s the first guy to welcome guest cast when they come in,” Owens explained to Outsider. “He’s the first guy to welcome them. He makes them a coffee, he brings them a water. Yeah, it’s extraordinary.”

Owens also remembered a time when Harmon went out of his way to visit with students from Miami University. Apparently, the school sends a group of film majors to the set each year so they can meet the stars of NCIS. And Harmon made it a point to be available even though he had the day off.

“He wasn’t even working that day. But he drove from his house to the set just to talk to the students and have lunch with them,” Owens revealed. “And he just makes sure that it’s an open environment and that anybody can ask any type of question. Because he knows that’s important [to them].”