NCIS’ Team Finds Themselves in Line of Fire in New Trailer

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CBS dropped a new promo for next week’s episode of NCIS, and it definitely looks like one of the most thrilling and dangerous stories of the season.

In it, the team is lured onto a boat after a group of terrorists pretending to be Navy soldiers claims they have a man down. And the trick leads them right into a deadly shootout.

So why does the group of criminals want to take the NCIS team on an ill-fated voyage? We have no idea. But the official episode synopsis does add a bit more insight.

“After a civilian research vessel in the North Atlantic picks up a small boat of wounded Navy officers, NCIS arrives on the ship and is forced to hide after discovering terrorists on board,” it reads. “Also, Agent Knight [played by Katrina Law] takes a paper doll with her on the mission to capture photos for her niece’s grade school class.”

NCIS Season 19 Episode 11 airs Monday, January 17th at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT on CBS.

CBS Offered Cote de Pablo ‘a Lot of Money’ To Stay on ‘NCIS’

When Cote de Pablo announced that she intended to retire her NCIS character, CBS did everything it could to convince her to stay.

For eight seasons, de Pablo played Ziva Davida, a former Israeli Mossad officer who moved on to the NCIS. But in 2013, the actress decided to make a career move. So her character was written off the series— twice, actually.

Originally, Ziva died on the job during an episode titled Past Present and Future. But fans missed her so much that the show brought her back from the dead and had her appear five more times in 2019 and 2020. However, if it were up to CBS, the actress never would have left in the first place. 

When Cote de Pablo decided she was ready to leave NCIS in 2013, the network offered her a large sum of money to convince her to stay.

In July of that year, CBS president Les Moonves admitted that he offered the actress a higher salary than Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ducky, Abby, and McGee. But in the end, he couldn’t write a check large enough to keep her with the series.

“We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money. And then we offered her even more money because we really didn’t want to lose her,” Moonves told CBS News. “We love her. We think she was terrific.

“And ultimately, she decided she didn’t want to do the show,” he said. “It was purely her decision. But we did everything humanly possible. We feel like we exhausted every opportunity. And she just decided she didn’t want to do the show.”