‘NCIS’: The Team Goes After a Navy Fugitive in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

The “NCIS” team is chasing a fugitive in the newest episode, and at least it looks like they’re all wearing sensible shoes. The gang is going after Chief Warrant Officer Rafi Nazar in search of stolen intelligence equipment. The new trailer is intense, and it seems like they’re on borrowed time as they search for Nazar.

When they hear that “Nazar has the power to launch an attack against the United States,” Jessica Knight is still optimistic. “We can still stop this,” she says. McGee replies, “How do we do that?”

“Leverage,” says Knight. There’s a sneak peek of who must be Nazar’s wife standing on the sidewalk with him coming closer. Seems like they’re going to use her to get to him, and get the equipment back in time.

The new “NCIS” episode, titled “Pledge of Allegiance”, airs on January 3, 2022. The show has been on a holiday break since December 6. In the last episode, “Collective Memory”, the team interviewed a woman’s hologram to find out who killed her. She was estranged from her daughter, and we got to learn more about Jessica Knight in the process. Turns out, Knight also has problems with her mother, so this case hit close to home for her.

Hopefully, we get to learn more about these characters in the coming episodes. I for one, want to know more about Jessica Knight; why did she join NCIS? Why does she have such a troubled relationship with her mother? What did she do over the holidays? Stuff like that.

Same with Alden Parker. We know virtually nothing about him, other than he’s a former FBI agent. I feel like some fans would like to keep it that way, but there was something hinted at in his past when he first joined “NCIS” and I still want to know what it is.

‘NCIS’ Is Still Most Watched CBS Show in 2021

“NCIS” still reigns supreme. There were 11.43 million viewers turned out for the show this fall, which beat the viewership of every show on CBS. This included “Yellowstone,” which is part of ViacomCBS.

Even though the show lost Mark Harmon as Gibbs, Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop, and Maria Bello as Jack Sloane, “NCIS” still pulled through. There were a lot of changes this season, but fans were still dedicated.

TV Line put out a statement on Dec. 27 about the ratings, writing, “‘NCIS’, like all of TV (there is no steady or up anymore), took a dip but did not let slip of its title as the tube’s most watch program.” Pretty cut and dry; fans still love “NCIS”.

Be sure to tune in when “NCIS” returns on January 3 on CBS.