‘NCIS’: The Team Is Wary of ‘New Guy’ Parker’s Generosity in New Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

A new clip from Monday’s new “NCIS” episode features wary agents, Alden Parker’s small talk, and Polish kolaczki.

The scene begins with Torres, McGee, and Knight gathered around Gibbs’ former desk. Alden Parker has left them a box of pastries with a sign that says “Help Yourselves!” Torres thinks it’s weird, McGee replies, “That’s one word for it,” while Knight thinks it’s endearing that Parker is trying.

“Looks like the new guy is trying to score some brownie points,” McGee says. Torres thinks it’s a trap, though. “We barely know this guy,” he says, “what if he’s playing mind games?”

“Or he’s just trying to be nice his first week on the job,” Knight replies. She, at least, takes a kolaczki.

Both Torres and McGee are “not that easy,” to which Knight scoffs and says, “Now I feel like I should put it back.” It’s then that Alden Parker arrives with a cheerful, “Morning.” The gang scatters to their desks to get ready for the day.

But, Alden Parker doesn’t have a case for them. It’s ingrained in them to be prepared for a case when the boss comes through, but they’re dealing with a whole new boss. Alden Parker just wants to chit-chat.

“What’s the rush?” Parker says when they split up to their desks. “You didn’t come in to tell us we have a body?” says McGee, looking confused. Alden Parker replies with a casual, “Nah,” and a “How was everybody’s weekend?”

This throws the team for a loop, clearly. Knight genuinely replies, while McGee seems baffled and Torres is on the defensive. When Parker asks if anyone “caught the game last night,” Knight throws a knowing look to McGee; he’s trying to be friendly.

‘NCIS’: Gary Cole on Alden Parker’s Role on the Team

Gary Cole has stated that his character Alden Parker is not trying to replace Gibbs. He’s his own man, and while he is taking over Gibbs’ job, he’s not quite taking his place.

Right now, he’s trying to get the team to warm up to him, trust him, and show that he’s not replacing their old leader. Gary Cole spoke to TV Insider about his character and who on the NCIS team is the most resistant to Parker.

“Initially, Torres is the most resistant,” he said. “Why, I’m not sure.” I have a hunch; it’s possible that Torres was unaware that Gibbs was saying his goodbyes before leaving for Alaska, and he feels cheated in that he didn’t properly get to give Gibbs a farewell. And now with this new guy showing up and taking over the NCIS team, he feels even more cheated out of a familiar leader. It seems like Torres was rooting for McGee to take over the position. As we know, McGee turned it down.