‘NCIS’ Teases an Explosive Episode, Quite Literally in New Photo

by Lauren Boisvert

“Having a blast, literally,” wrote the NCIS official Twitter account today. The caption accompanied a photo of the current NCIS team as they stand in what looks like the woods staring at something out of frame. Jimmy Palmer looks particularly stricken. but what are they all looking at? I’ll tell you:

A body just exploded.

You read that right. The NCIS gang is dealing with an exploded body and barely any forensic evidence in tonight’s episode, airing at 9 on CBS. “This was a suicide bombing attempt,” says Jimmy Palmer in a promo for the episode. Ducky replies, “By a member of the United States military.” Gasp.

Apparently, someone is recruiting more suicide bombers. The team has a difficult one on their hands tonight; there’s bad news all around, and no Gibbs to help them through it. They’re going to have to work with each other on this one, with McGee at the helm, to solve the mystery.

Luckily, maybe, Alden Parker is there to assist. According to the promo, it looks like he was just about to bid the team adieu when the body exploded in the van. So, now he’s being sucked into the case in an unofficial capacity. Remember, he did get fired from the FBI for assisting Gibbs; everything he does with the team is unofficial now, so how are they going to explain him to the director? We’ll see how that plays out in tonight’s episode.

NCIS Posts Hilarious Photo, Brian Dietzen Impressed by Captions

In other photo-sharing news, NCIS Twitter recently posted a hilarious photo of Brian Dietzen all dressed up as Jimmy Palmer onset of the new episode. They titled it “Caption this” and let fans go wild. And there were some pretty spot-on responses:

“Hello ladies I’m the autopsy gremlin,” said one commenter. “It’s great your [sic] ready to put yourself back out there Jimmy but I don’t think a crime scene is an appropriate place to take a dating profile pic,” wrote another fan. Too soon to reference the dead wife? Maybe, maybe not when it’s in a humorous caption.

Another comment referenced the fact that Gibbs never said goodbye to Jimmy, at least not in any scene in the episode. “When you don’t care that Gibbs didn’t say goodbye to you,” the fan wrote. Harsh burn on Gibbs.

“And now here’s Mr. September for the NCIS calendar in a rare relaxed moment,” one fan wrote, following up with, “Still to come Mr. December, Santa himself Director Vance.”

Fun all around. I have to say, the NCIS Twitter is doing a great job of keeping spirits up during this time of mourning for Gibbs leaving the show. That’s just good marketing.