‘NCIS’ Teases the Team Laying It ‘All Out on the Table’ in Tomorrow’s New Episode

by Anna Dunn

NCIS is teasing that the team will lay it “all out on the table” in tomorrow’s new episode. The series is in its 19th season and is nearing its mid-season finale. The Twitter account for the series shared a series of photos of Jessica Knight and Alden Parker sitting at a table, having a serious discussion.

“The team is laying it all out on the table during tomorrow’s NEW episode of #NCIS. Don’t miss it at 9/8c,” the Twitter account wrote.

Tomorrow’s episode, Collective memory, has quite an interesting premise. Here’s what CBS has released about the episode:

“When a hotshot financial advisor is found shot at a naval station, NCIS investigates the case by interviewing the victim’s three-dimensional hologram of herself, which she created before her death.”

This is definitely a first for NCIS and also maybe all procedurals. I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of hologram interrogations on any show before, let alone NCIS. So this one should be very interesting.

The Photos Feature Two ‘NCIS’ Newbies

Pictured above in the stills from tomorrow’s episode are Gary Cole and Katrina Law. The two actors both joined the show as regulars this year. It was Cole’s first time ever on NCIS.

Katrina Law plays special agent Jessica Knight on the hit series. She joined the show last year and has become a full-time member of the cast following the departure of Agent Bishop actress Emily Wickersham. She was a small part of the series last year for a couple of episodes. While fans tend to be prickly towards newcomers following cast departures, it does seem like she fits in with the show well.

The loss of Agent Bishop on the show was difficult, but it didn’t hold a candle to the departure of Agent Gibbs, who was the face of the show for almost two decades. Actor Mark Harmon made his exit earlier in this season, and NCIS introduced Gary Cole’s former FBI Agent Alden Parker at around the same time.

McGee decided he didn’t want to take over Agent Gibbs’ old position after he left the team. So instead, it went to Gary Cole. Many fans really want Gibbs back, but others are embracing the change and welcoming Cole and his character into the NCIS family.

However, you feel about the show having so many newbies, being the new guy on the show is no easy feat. But Katrina Law and Gary Cole have done so quite well. If you want to catch new episodes of NCIS and see all the action as it airs, you can tune into CBS on Monday nights at 9/8 CT. You can also catch new episodes of the all-new spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i, right after.