‘NCIS’: The Season 9 Finale Was Almost Too Much for Fans to Handle

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

So many things have happened on “NCIS” that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The show is in its 19th season, after all; that’s a lot of storylines to remember. But, there was one event from the season 9 finale “Till Death Do Us Part” that nearly scarred fans for life.

In the episode, someone from the NCIS Most Wanted wall threatens and attacks the team, even going so far as to blow up part of the NCIS building. Gibbs and the team are still inside when the bomb goes off, and the finale leaves everyone’s fates unknown. Especially Ducky.

There’s a moment where Ducky gets a phone call, alerting him to the fact that there was an explosion in the NCIS building, and would he autopsy the bodies. Gibbs and the team are unaccounted for, and the news stresses Ducky out so badly that he has a heart attack. He collapses on the beach, alone, and no one knew what happened to anyone until season 10 began.

This episode ranks on the top most traumatizing episodes, according to fans. On a Reddit thread, one fan asked, “Any episodes of NCIS that made you cry?” and fans came out in droves to answer. One of the big replies was “Till Death Do Us Part.”

“Ducky having a heart attack, Gibbs dad passing away and Palmer’s wife dying. Those are my top three. There are more that hug at the heart, but these three made me cry,” wrote one fan. Another had a whole list of tear-jerker moments, and mentioned Ducky’s heart attack among them.

‘NCIS’ Fans Catch a Glaring Technical Error

In an “NCIS” season 10 episode, there’s a moment where fans were a little fed up with the fake computer science. In the episode, titled “Canary”, the team tries to track an IP address to find a cyber-terrorist. Except, to fans with a particular knowledge base, the IP address was obviously phony.

Apparently, the NCIS team was tracking the IP address, which is local to their area. That would be the equivalent of them looking for a computer in their own building.

In a Reddit thread about the fake IP address, a few fans got up in arms, with one exclaiming, “Just how stupid do the directors think we are!?” Others tried to remedy the situation by reminding those fans that it’s just a show.

“Every profession sees totally unrealistic stuff on TV […] As Stephen Colbert said, ‘I’m pretty sure that’s not how you train for boxing but I still like Rocky‘,” wrote one user.

All in all, it’s important to suspend your disbelief when watching television, because there are definitely going to be moments of inaccuracy. It’s difficult, but shows sometimes need to cut corners to make their storylines work. It’s all part of showbusiness.