‘NCIS’: There Are Multiple Paths Alden Parker Can Take With Role on Team

by Joe Rutland

Gibbs is out of the picture on “NCIS” but we have another situation. What is Alden Parker going to be doing in his role?

That’s what we will look at here, Outsiders, with some help from TV Insider.

Parker is played by veteran actor Gary Cole, who joined the “NCIS” cast this season. He’s got his hands full with team members Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and Jessica Knight (Katarina Law).

Now Parker could have stopped Gibbs as he and McGee followed him to Alaska. But Parker didn’t and let his friend go. McGee, though, arrested Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, upon a plea from Gibbs himself.

Meanwhile, a case can be made that McGee is ready to lead the “NCIS” team himself.

Director Vance Could Hire Parker For Leadership Role With ‘NCIS’ Going Forward

So, Outsiders, NCIS Director Leon Vance, played by Rocky Carroll, could hire Parker.

Another possibility is Parker simply becomes a consultant for the “NCIS” team.

Then there’s a chance Parker could team up with another former FBI agent in T.C. Fornell, played by Joe Spano. Possibly, Fornell, now a private investigator, could have persuaded Parker to simply let Gibbs go free.

Simply put, there is a lot going on with “NCIS” right now.

This Season 19 is definitely one for the books with this long-running TV drama. Well, Outsiders, you can catch “NCIS” on Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. It’s been a lead-in to another spin-off for the franchise, “NCIS: Hawai’i” starring Vanessa Lachey.

Fans of Show Might Hold Out Hope That Gibbs Comes Back At Some Point

Now that Gibbs is gone, that means he’s gone for good, right “NCIS” fans?

Not so fast with that assumption.

Yes, Mark Harmon moved out of the show. Yet did you know he really is not retiring? Harmon still is an executive producer on the show. He could make the call to go back into the show if or when he wants to do so.

It’s not surprising to see him step away, especially since Harmon simply signed up for a part-time role.

Here is something for fans to hang their hats on right now.

ET Online reports that an Airstream trailer belonging to Harmon is staying put. It is on the “NCIS” set in Valencia, Calif.

A source told ET Online to not see him leaving as concrete.

What does that mean? Heh, that front door is open for Harmon to reprise Gibbs if deemed appropriate.

Harmon, 70, owns Wings Production, his own production company. Right now, there are some projects that he and his team are working on so he’s not retiring.

“NCIS” fans, stay tuned.