‘NCIS’: This New ‘Smiles, All Around’ Pic of Major Cast Members Will Make Every Fan’s Day

by Lauren Boisvert

Things have been pretty bleak on NCIS since Gibbs decided to stay in Alaska at the end of episode 4. But a new photo from the remaining cast is sure to brighten anyone’s day. NCIS posted a photo on Instagram today featuring the cast of the world’s favorite drama all smiling together.

In the first slide, McGee and Torres hug each other and grin; the second slide features recent additions FBI agent Alden Parker and Jessica Knight, played by Gary Cole and Katrina Law, smiling as they stand together on the stairs; the third is of Jimmy Palmer, all smiles as he talks with Ducky; the last slide features Kasie Hines holding a few lottery tickets, looking excited.

It’s the kind of content we all need right about now, and NCIS sure does know their audience. For fans, the characters are like family, and when one of them leaves it brings everyone down. Now, with the most major of major players gone, Gibbs, fans are likely taking it hard. I’ve mused before that there’s no NCIS without Gibbs, but I think now they’ll do just fine.

‘NCIS’ Fans Mourn Gibbs

In a recent Reddit post, fans got together to discuss episode 4 and Gibbs’ farewell. They had a lot if things to say about the Gibbs and McGee moment, most of it lamenting the fact that Gibbs is actually gone from the show now.

“First time in my life I’ve heard Gibbs say I Love You,” wrote the original poster. “I knew he was a softie from the inside and tough from outside.”

Another fan wrote, “Did your heart stutter like mine when he said ‘I haven’t felt this much at peace since Shannon and Kelly died’?” I don’t know about anyone else, but mine sure did.

Overall, I’m happy for Gibbs; he’s found the peace he needed, that he hasn’t had since his wife and daughter died. Who knows how much trauma he has that he’s been pushing down for the sake of the job? Now he has the chance to unpack all of his grief and really take a look at it, sort through it, and start to heal. Maybe he’ll be back for a guest spot every once in a while, but I wouldn’t hold out for it happening too soon.

Right now, Gibbs needs to focus on himself, and that means existing in our hearts, outside of the NCIS for a while. Whenever you get sad about Gibbs not being on NCIS anymore, just imagine him in Alaska, fly fishing on that lake in the middle of nowhere, completely at peace for the first time in years. That’ll cheer you right up, if it doesn’t make you cry first.