‘NCIS’: Torres Actor Wilmer Valderrama Has Two Relatable Pet Peeves

by Amy Myers

Wilmer Valderrama has been a star since his start on television in 1998, and since then, fans have come to know him for his versatility with roles and his ability to capture them all perfectly. Despite his lengthy career on screens, there’s much that fans still don’t know about the current NCIS star, including his pet peeves.

With all of his experience on different sets, you might think that Valderrama’s biggest pet peeve has to do with his occupation. Perhaps he hates when someone shows up late for filming or when a director asks to shoot a scene dozens of times. But instead, the NCIS star has two grievances that everyone can relate to.

“My biggest pet peeve is when people lie. I also can’t stand it when someone chews with their mouth open,” Valderrama told Us Weekly.

Despite his pet peeve, the NCIS star admitted that he’s not stingy with his trust. He’s willing to take a risk to get to know someone, even if that means they might be dishonest.

“Trusting people can be like tossing a coin. It’s a hard lesson, but I’ll flip a coin any day — I love people,” Valderrama shared.

‘NCIS’ Star Shares Advice He Once Received from Robin Williams

Valderrama’s abhorrence to lying is pretty understandable for someone who values loyalty both in character and in real life. On NCIS, Valderrama plays charismatic Special Agent Nick Torres, who for a while was in deep cover for his job. Like his character, Torres is an honest and heartfelt individual. But if there was one thing that Valderrama could learn from Torres, it’s how to be unpredictable. For a while, Torres was under deep cover, so deep in fact that many of his old colleagues didn’t know that he was still alive.

“The thing I love about my NCIS character is that he’s a wild card,” he said. “You don’t know what you’re gonna get.”

While the actor might not be as unpredictable as Torres, he is just as sincere. In the past, Valderrama received crucial advice from comedy icon Robin Williams, and since then he’s taken the words of wisdom to heart.

“The greatest advice I’ve ever received was from Robin Williams: ‘Never forget. And always remember … It’s supposed to be fun,'” the NCIS star said.

From how much Valderrama enjoys playing the part of Torres, it’s clear that he’s living by Williams’ words. He’s even created a mantra of his own.

“My personal mantra is: ‘If you woke up this morning, you’re already winning.'”

The phrase seems to indicate that from the moment he wakes up, the NCIS actor has the potential to do something great. And from the looks of it, his NCIS character Torres epitomizes the same motto.