‘NCIS’: Torres and Jessica Knight Play a Game of 20 Questions

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

NCIS tossed it back to a key scene from last Monday’s episode, Fight or Flight. The angst of it all still lingers.

It’s all because everyone still is worried about Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and why he is in such a funk. The NCIS hour was very Torres-centric, so the social media team posted a clip Saturday from a key moment in the Monday episode.

In this scene, Jess (Katrina Law) is trying to get Torres to open up. They’re on a stakeout, so Jess tried to use their time stuck together in a car to see what’s bothering her new friend and colleague.

The NCIS social media team captioned the clip: “Nothing like a game of 20 question(s) to get someone talking.” Jess is an ace at getting answers. But Torres was tough to crack.

So here’s the NCIS setup. The crime involved a dead lieutenant who worked in IT for Naval Intelligence. Police found his body in a garbage dump. The body was missing an eye. Presumably, someone needed the eye to crack through some multi-layered identification to log onto a missing laptop. But the lieutenant wasn’t killed by an enemy of the United States trying to steal state secrets. Rather, the leader of an immigration/sex trafficking ring wanted the laptop to break into Homeland Security. The lieutenant’s foster brother got into some financial issues with the group and gave them the laptop to pay off his debts. The ring also involved an underground fight club operating from a closed-down clothing factory.

Meanwhile, back at the NCIS office, everyone was worried about Torres. He canceled plans with both Jess and McGee. He thought Parker was about to fire him, so check paranoid as a symptom. And he thinks the agents aren’t his friends.

Ready for An NCIS Game of 20 Questions?

So here’s where the Jess-Torres scene fits in. Parker asked Jess to use her negotiating skills to see what’s bothering Torres.

So Jess asked Torres “how about a game of 20 questions?” Torres wanted nothing to do with said game. “That’s a hard pass.”

So Jess lets Torres ask her anything. She’d spill first. But what a question Torres tossed out.

“Would you rather shave Vance’s mustache or Parker’s beard,” Torres asked. He’s obviously an ace at being evasive.

Jess snaps back “Is this something you’ve thought about before.” And for the record, she’d rather try to shave off Parker’s beard.

Then Jess says she has a “much better question.” But it was difficult for her to come up with the right words.

“How (lingering pause) are you doing?” Torres wonders “what kind of question is that.”

Then Jess goes to the meat of the issue: “The kind of question you ask a friend if you’re worried about them.”

Later in the NCIS episode, Torres looked like he had a death wish as he volunteered to do battle with a cage fighter who looked like an NFL defender. He told McGee that folks in the office weren’t supposed to be friends.

Valderrama posted on Instagram that it hurt to watch the NCIS episode. “It actually did hurt ME shooting it.”

The agents figured out that Torres started to change after Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left NCIS. Here’s hoping he figures it out.