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‘NCIS’: Torres Straps On the Gloves in Preview of Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Things are going to get very serious for Nick Torres on an upcoming episode of NCIS as he prepares to fight in a cage for the first time.

Combat sports have been popular for a long time. However, the UFC and MMA have taken over in recent years. Cage fighting has never been so popular thanks to Dana White and many talented fighters. Now, NCIS heads to the cage in order to get to the bottom of a Navy officer’s death.

Throughout the many years, boxing and fighting have been sports that servicemen and others have competed in. Whereas boxing was the preferred underground combat sport back when… M*A*S*H was on TV, cage fighting is the new thing. So, to go undercover, Torres has to glove up and get ready to get punched in the mouth.

Check out the preview photo below and see for yourself. The NCIS Instagram is always posting little teasers and photos.

“We think Torres looks like a convincing cage fighter, don’t you?” the caption asks fans. He sure looks ready, that’s for sure.

The NCIS star is going to have his work cut out for him. It doesn’t seem like a sport that one can just jump into. Even if it is fighting in an underground military fight scene. This could be a big episode for Torres. Fans have been clamoring to get to know the character more. His development is going to help not just fans but the team itself.

This could also be a big episode for Agent Parker. He hasn’t found his footing quite yet as the team leader. However, that could be changing. NCIS has more to reveal to fans this season.

What to Expect from ‘NCIS’ Amid Winter Olympics

NCIS fans better enjoy what they see from the show this week. Take it all in. Because after this episode, there won’t be a new one for quite a while. There is another hiatus around the corner. It feels like we just got through the holiday hiatus and already another one begins.

The Winter Olympics are just going to dominate network TV. So, a lot of shows aren’t going to be airing new episodes. Not to mention the NFL Playoffs are heating up and it makes sense why shows are hitting the pause button. As the break begins, fans should expect the show to return towards the end of next month.

If all goes well, a new episode of NCIS should air soon after February 20. If it doesn’t then that likely means there have been further production issues. New episodes will be hard to come by. However, there is a lot to look forward to including a Brian Dietzen written episode and Hawai’i crossover. So, don’t despair too much, the light is shining at the end of the tunnel.