‘NCIS’ Wants to Know Your Favorite Holiday Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“NCIS” is definitely known for its holiday episodes; there are at least 13 episodes that revolve around Christmas time. The official Instagram page has put together a list of 5 episodes to watch every day leading up to Christmas.

First, we have season 6 episode 11 “Silent Night.” In this episode, the team has to work overtime during Christmas; the suspect in a robbery and homicide is a former Navy petty officer who allegedly died 17 years before. At the end of the episode, the team comes together to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” in MTAC, starting a new holiday tradition. The episode put an emphasis on families during the holidays, even if your family is the people you work with.

Next up, season 7 episode 10, “Faith.” This episode focused on the religious aspects of the holiday season; the team discovers that a murdered Marine recently converted, becoming a Muslim. The Marine’s father, a chaplain, was involved. He claimed he “wanted this Muslim nonsense to end”; so much for respecting other religions. The episode also featured Gibbs’ father coming for a mysterious visit.

Season 8 featured the episode “False Witness,” where the only witness to a murder case goes missing. The DA enlisted the NCIS team to find him, but she had a secret of her own; an affair that jeopardized the entire case. One of the shining moments of the episode was really Tony’s behavior. He was less the goofball and more the serious NCIS agent in this episode. Turns out, he was contemplating whether or not he’d done wrong by an ex-girlfriend. He was reevaluating his actions, realizing that he treated her unfairly.

‘NCIS’ Outlines Fan-Favorite Holiday Episodes

Next, we have season 10 episode 10, “You Better Watch Out.” A Navy officer returns from sea to find her husband dead. He has a 100 dollar bill on him that isn’t in circulation. The whole thing turns out to be an elaborate theft of money that was scheduled to be destroyed. On the flip side, Tony’s father comes to visit and tries to decorate his apartment. Tony and his father haven’t been able to get through a Christmas in ages, and they butt heads constantly. They fight, and Tony kicks him out of his house. They reunite for the annual watching of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Lastly, “NCIS” highlighted a more recent episode, season 17 episode 10, “The North Pole.” Here, Ziva comes back to complete her mission and fulfill her story arc before returning to Tony and her daughter. Ziva was determined to rescue her friend Adam, who helped her get Tali to Tony to protect her. There’s a nice moment where Gibbs and Ziva are trapped in a basement; to distract her from her panic, Gibbs asks Ziva to tell him about Tali.

So, there are plenty of other Christmas and holiday episodes from “NCIS”; which ones will you be watching this week?