‘NCIS’: Watch Katrina Law Goof Off as Wilmer Valderrama and Sean Murray Send Message to Fans

by Lauren Boisvert

“NCIS” star Katrina Law got a little goofy in a recent video from Wilmer Valderrama and Sean Murray. Valderrama actually did all the talking, as Law photobombed in the background and Murray simply blue-steeled into the camera. They’re a silly bunch, but we love them. Throw Brian Dietzen in there and you’ve got a quad of absolute and complete jokers.

Valderrama first turns the camera on Law, saying she has a message for everyone, “Watch our show tonight, like it,” she blurts, and then laughs. “Sean, let’s just show her how we do this,” Valderrama said, bring Sean Murray into frame.

“So tonight, we’re very excited, we have an all new episode,” Valderrama said, “and we’re back on the air.” Katrina Law then popped up in the background with a silly grin on her face, coming in and out of frame making different facial expressions. Valderrama laughed through saying, “I hope you guys enjoy.”

Sean Murray stood still the entire time, vogueing into the camera like a model. Truly a professional.

The video was posted yesterday to announce that “NCIS” would be back after a brief one week hiatus. The new episode, titled “False Start,” followed the team as they investigated a Navy coach’s murder. There, they met a troubled Naval student training for a sprint. He was particularly distraught about his coach’s death, and Torres used his experience losing Gibbs to relate to him.

It was also Alden Parker’s first full episode as team leader; he started out by bringing them Polish kolaczki and asking them about their weekends. Obviously, he’s trying to win them over. Pastries seem like a good start.

‘NCIS’: Torres’ Emotional Scene in Recent Episode

Nick Torres got to show some real growth in last night’s episode, “False Start.” While speaking with the Naval student, disturbed by his coach’s death, Torres had to calm him down. He tells him to breathe, then asks him, “Coach was like family, right?”

He goes on to say, “Well, I just lost some family too.” He’s definitely talking about Gibbs, but it’s possible he’s also thinking about Ellie Bishop, who kissed him and ran away in season 18. She’s now apparently deep undercover with the CIA after destroying her reputation at the NCIS.

Torres has notoriously been against Alden Parker taking Gibbs’ place on the team, showcasing his blatant distrust of the man. My theory: he’s still mourning Gibbs leaving. Also, he probably didn’t feel like he got a proper goodbye, not like McGee had. Torres just drove Gibbs to the airport, not knowing it would be the last time he saw him. Hopefully, Torres gets some closure as the episodes go on, and he can finally accept Alden Parker as their new leader.