‘NCIS’: Watch Parker & McGee Have Hilarious ‘Star Trek’ Conversation in Tomorrow’s New Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Pictured: Gary Cole as FBI Special Agent Alden Parker, Sean Murray as NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Thank goodness, there will be an all-new episode of NCIS this week. Alden Parker and Timothy McGee shared a small moment.

There have been a ton of teasers for this episode. Agent Parker had to have a conversation with Director Vance about his time as the team leader. Fans are still warming up to the new guy in charge. Gary Cole has done well with the character, though.

While there hasn’t been a lot of bonding moments for Parker and the team, that changes tomorrow it seems. Of course, the two end up connecting over their love for Star Trek. When a research vessel called The Stargazer runs into issues, the team has to pop in. Parker correctly points out the spaceship of the same name from the sci-fi series.

Check out the Twitter video below and see for yourself.

This little moment between the two agents is great. There needs to be some more chemistry built around the team. So, moments like this are good for solidifying that chemistry and backstory. While the scene was heartwarming, one fan correctly pointed out how different things would have been under Gibbs.

“I’m still getting used to the fact that a nerd like Agent Parker is the leader of the team,” @JBraxt29 said. “That Star Trek information would have resulted in a head slap if Gibbs were still around.”

Monday night should be a fun one for NCIS fans. There are going to be a couple of special appearances for fans. Right now, there has been confirmation that Dr. Ducky Mallard will be back on the show. Played by David McCallum, he is one of the original cast members of the show. Another star will be joining the show soon.

Meredith Eaton Returning to ‘NCIS’

One of the fan-favorite guest stars in NCIS history has to be Meredith Eaton. You always know that it is going to be an interesting episode when she makes her way onto the screen. Her character is immunologist Carol Wilson. So, it is likely the team faces a biological foe of some kind.

Her very first appearance was Season 7 in an episode titled Faith. Then, she made an appearance in Season 11 for Homesick. This upcoming episode is going to be one written by Dr. Jimmy Palmer star Brian Dietzen. So, it should be a special event all around. A cast member-written episode and a great guest star together on the same night.

Right now, there isn’t word on when the NCIS guest star will be featured. However, Carol Wilson is going to play an important role, that is for sure. Fans are going to have to tune in the rest of the season and keep their eyes peeled for the episode.