‘NCIS’: What Does Season 19 Schedule Look Like with the Olympic Break?

by Lauren Boisvert

After this next episode of “NCIS,” the show will be taking a break for the Olympics. There probably won’t be an episode until after February 20, when the closing ceremony airs. That leaves things looking a little bleak until late February, as far as “NCIS” goes.

When the show comes back, it will most likely air the episode that Brian Dietzen co-wrote, episode 13. We’ve been waiting so patiently for this episode, and fans can’t wait to finally see it. On March 28, there’s going to be a crossover episode with “NCIS: Hawai’i.” Currently, it’s not clear if that is episode 13 or not. We will probably get a few new “NCIS” episodes between late February and late March.

As far as what we know for the upcoming episode, “Fight or Flight,” this will most likely be a Torres-centered episode. The agent seems to be getting himself into cage fighting without his co-workers knowing. Although, McGee does seem to notice something off about him. The team then finds a dead body with a missing eye, which leads them to the underground fighting ring. It seems like Torres is their ticket into the ring, and it’s possible the team is going undercover to catch the killer.

In a promo for the episode, Torres’ fellow agents are worried about him; he’s experienced so much loss from the beginning of the season, is it possible it all built up and he’s just now breaking down? Possibly. Or, he just really wanted to get into cage fighting. Something tells me, though, that he’s punishing himself for something.

We could also get another look at Director Vance’s world; if we remember from the 2009 episode “Knockout,” the director is an avid boxer. Could he teach Torres a thing or two?

‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Most Heartbreaking Moment of Season 9 Finale

There’s a lot that goes on in the season 9 finale of “NCIS.” But, there was one scene that ripped fans’ hearts out and stomped on them.

After a terrorist from the NCIS Most Wanted wall went about systematically attacking the team and setting them up, he then sent a bomb into NCIS headquarters. The bomb severely destroyed the building, trapping Gibbs and team inside.

After the explosion, Ducky got a phone call alerting him to the situation, and asking him to perform the autopsies. The fate of Gibbs and the team is unknown, and it’s meant to seem like they all died in the blast. That’s what Ducky must think, at least. The stress of the situation causes a heart attack, and he collapses alone on the beach. The episode ends there, and no one knew what happened until the season 10 premiere.

That episode, admittedly, was a tough one. But, if you’re going back and watching old episodes, you have the gift of foreknowledge letting you know what Ducky and the team get out of everything alive.