‘NCIS’: What’s Brian Dietzen’s Networth?

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“NCIS” star Brian Dietzen has been a cast mainstay since his arrival to the hit show in 2004. Now, nearly two decades after joining the CBS procedural crime show, Dietzen’s character, Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer, remains a fan favorite. That said, the “NCIS” star boasts quite a net worth to show for his work and dedication on the show.

According to Looper, Dietzen’s dedication has paid off as he’s remained one of the only Season 1 member from the NCIS Major Case Response Team. The outlet states that the actor’s networth now pushes an impressive $2 million.

The total comes from Celebrity Net Worth, which states Dietzen’s acting career began during his time within the University of Colorado at Boulder’s theater program.

The “NCIS” star held a handful of minor roles in shows and films prior to “NCIS.” However, none are so noteworthy as his role as Dr. Jimmy Palmer. From medical student to medical examiner, “NCIS” fans have followed the character’s growth from the very start of his career.

Dietzen Bonded with One ‘NCIS’ Actor in the Most Authentic Way

Brian Dietzen’s work on “NCIS” has no doubt paid off financially. However, his dedication to the Jimmy Palmer character has also awarded him with one unique friendship.

Longtime fans of “NCIS” well remember that prior to his role as head medical examiner, Jimmy Palmer spent many years on “NCIS” serving under the astute, passionate, and ever-quirky Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. Over the seasons, the two “NCIS” characters developed a memorable friendship.

And, much like their “NCIS” characters, Outsiders shouldn’t be surprised to learn the two actors bonded over a genuine autopsy.

“NCIS’s” most recent alum, Mark Harmon, previously reflected on the early stages of Dietzen and McCallum’s friendship. Harmon recalled, “I remember [Brian] coming in that first day…And I remember David…saying to Brian, ‘Hey, you wanna come with me to do an autopsy?'”

Interestingly, the invite was not an unusual one. In fact, following the conversation, Harmon said, “This is like a test, number one. But he wouldn’t invite him if he didn’t like him, and didn’t find something in him.”

In response to the Ducky actor’s question, Dietzen responded, “Absolutely!” which served as the beginning to a very long and memorable “NCIS” friendship.

Brian Dietzen Believes Jimmy Palmer to be a Memorable Character

“NCIS” has seen a lot of cast changes in its near-two decades on screens. And while many of those characters have become fan favorites, one remaining star shared why he believes his character is so memorable.

Apart from his dedication as a medical examiner and his long-time relationship with Dr. “Ducky” Mallard, Jimmy Palmer has a lot of lovable qualities.

However, in a previous interview with Variety, Dietzen said, “What has made Jimmy Palmer a memorable character over [the years] is the fact that he is a guy who is looking for the positive and is always learning.”

And as “NCIS” fans well know, Palmer has always been the one to look for the light in the darkest of situations. It’s what makes his character stand out.