‘NCIS’: When Will Ducky Mallard Appear in Season 19?

by Madison Miller

The newest 19th season of “NCIS” has been on for several weeks now. Since then, fans got reunited with some of their favorite members of the popular crime drama.

That includes Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tim McGee, and Nick Torres. We’ve even got plenty of screen time with the newbies for this season — Jessica Knight and Alden Parker.

It’s making some fans wonder — where’s Ducky?

Ducky, Where Are You?

Ducky is the nickname for Dr. Donald Mallard, played by David McCallum. He’s been on “NCIS” since the very beginning. His role in the series has changed a lot over the years, however. He started out being in charge of the morgue, but now he is the “historian” for the team.

Ducky appears in the opening credits, but besides that hasn’t made his presence known this season. It’s not too weird, however, seeing as we’ve seen less and less of Ducky over the last few years.

McCallum seems to be scaling back his appearances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His moments on the show have been mostly virtual.

Not to worry, however, Ducky is going to make a comeback very “soon.” At least that’s what Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, said on Twitter this past week to a fan wondering about McCallum being on “NCIS.”

Dietzen also shared a photo of the two of them on set together. Ducky will be back in the house soon enough.

It seems very possible that Ducky will appear at least once in the fall, possibly more. The show has made it a priority to feature the character in any way possible. A lot of that is thanks to viewers at home being huge Ducky fans.

There’s no exact answer as to when he’s making his grand appearance. Fans just need to rest assured that he hasn’t been silently kicked off the show.

‘NCIS’ Fans Worried About Gibbs

While some fans are wondering when Ducky will pop up again on their screens, others are concerned about the well-being of Gibbs.

Mark Harmon agreed to another season of “NCIS” when his last contract with the network expired. His role this season will be limited and it may even be his last. Does that mean something very bad could potentially happen to our favorite crime-solving lead?

In the last episode, Gibbs and Parker go on a road trip with the serial killer, Paul Lemere, to try to get answers by visiting his first victim. Gibbs ends up driving away with just Lemere and leaves Parker behind. Lemere then tries to get into Gibbs’ head and makes disturbing connections between the two of them.

Is it possible that Gibbs gets too wrapped up in all this to get himself killed?