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‘NCIS’: Where You’ve Seen Diona Reasonover Before Role of Kasie Hines

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

While fans of NCIS know Diona Reasonover as the loveable forensic scientist on the team, Kasie Hines, she has had many roles since 2011. Fans may recognize her from previous work, so let’s talk about it!

The 29-year old actress has had a career spanning roughly 10 years now. During her early career, she had a lot of comedy roles. Those included small sketches, bits, shorts, and even a TV Mini-Series. Reasonover appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! in 2015 as the role of “Salesgirl.” From there, she made an appearance in Girl Meets World as Sister Mary Beth.

During a successful year in 2015 with various small parts, she was featured in more shows as one-off characters. One of the first starring roles she had was in a TBS mini-series titled Clipped. The show only ran for a couple of months in 2015 but showcased Reasonover like she hadn’t been before.

Then, Reasonover made appearances on 2 Broke Girls, Superstore, as well as in The Night Watchmen movie. For fans of streaming shows, there is a series she appeared in that you may be familiar with. During two episodes of Future Man on Hulu, she played the role of Estelle Kronish. So, if you find yourself watching NCIS and you swear that you have seen Kasie Hines somewhere before, you aren’t mistaken!

While NCIS is the biggest show that Reasonover has been a part of, she has been featured in various other shows, movies, and projects. The young actress is set to make her mark with her recurring role as the forensic scientist helping the team solve cases. Soon, Hines will make a big personal decision. She turns to Jessica Knight for advice.

‘NCIS’ Teases Metting Between Knight and Hines

While Kasie Hines is usually not in direct harm’s way, that doesn’t mean she can stay safe all the time. And, the NCIS Special Agents can’t protect her all the time. So, in an upcoming episode, it looks like the forensic scientist is doing the research to make a personal choice for herself. Knight is going to help out in a big way.

We have seen pictures from an upcoming episode that shows Hines at a shooting range. She and Knight have their eye and ear protection and a selection of handguns in front of them. It looks like the two are having a constructive conversation about the matter at hand. Self-defense is a big choice and of course, someone as smart as Hines is going to take the careful steps necessary.

So, tune into NCIS to make sure you catch the next big Hines moment. The episode is scheduled for November 28 with the show making a return this week. Tomorrow night is going to be exciting since fans didn’t get a new episode last week.