‘NCIS’: Which Actor Has Been On All 3 Shows?

by Joe Rutland

There have been a lot of actors over the years on NCIS. Yet which actor has made an appearance on all three shows?

So, the answer, Outsiders, is Brian Letscher.

Let’s take a look at this thanks to a story from TV Insider.

On NCIS, he played Sam Vennett in the Season 6, Episode 10 show titled Road Kill.

On NCIS: Los Angeles, Letscher was Marine Cpl. Scott Reilly in the Season 1, Episode 8 show titled Ambush.

Finally, on NCIS: New Orleans, he played Jim Keene in Season 6, Episode 11 titled Bad Moon Rising.

Of those shows, only the OG show and the LA spin-off remain part of the CBS primetime lineup.

Catch Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, and Eric Chrisitan Olsen on NCIS: Los Angeles as it airs on Sunday nights. Then make sure to watch NCIS on Monday nights with Gary Cole, Katrina Law, Sean Murray, and Brian Dietzen.

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Working Hard To Figure Out Alden Parker Backstory

OK, so what is the deal with new NCIS Agent Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole?

He’s kind of taken over that lead role on the team held forever by Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Fans really do want to know what in the world is the backstory on Parker.

Since he is a new character, fans don’t know much about his backstory. Yet they are having a whale of a time sharing their theories on Reddit.

Titled Predictions on Agent Alden Parker’s backstory?, one Reddit user comes up with theories about Parker’s past at the FBI.

“My bet is Parker had a bestie or subordinate when he was at the FBI who got hurt/killed somehow due to his fault. (Very unoriginal idea, I know),” this fan writes on the site. This Redditor also cited a TV Insider interview with Cole about Parker.

This fan writes, “Gary Cole has only done 1 interview about NCIS so far, with Tv insider. He says, ‘Any skeletons in Parker’s closet? There’s a situation that did not go according to plan, and something tragic happened. He’s purposely kind of an enigma’.”

Well, what about this episode, Outsiders? This fan on Reddit offers up that the episode already has been filmed. And if it has not been filmed in such a way that brings on a tragic end, well, it just might have been written.

We don’t know what happens here but the guessing game about Parker and his backstory will continue.

Hey, at least it might give more Redditors a chance to chirp up about Parker. Keep tuning into the show on Monday nights and see what happens.