‘NCIS’: Which Character Gary Cole Says Is ‘Most Resitant’ to Alden Parker Taking Over for Gibbs

by Taylor Cunningham

For the characters on NCIS, agent Gibbs was more than just a boss. He was a mentor, friend, and confidant. And now that Gibbs is gone, his replacement, Alden Parker, is having a hard time winning over the long-term team members.

When Agent Leroy Gibbs decided to leave NCIS for a peaceful retirement in Alaska, a giant hole was left in his place. Upon leaving, McGee was asked to be the new team commander, and he seemed like the most logical choice. Gibbs had been grooming McGee for the job. But Gibbs declined.

So Gibbs recommended that former special agent Alden Parker take his place. And of course, Parker accepted.

Despite the fact that Gibbs wanted Parker to be the new commander, not all of the teammates are welcoming him with open arms. Especially the veteran NICS members. And as Parker’s Gary Cole explained to TV Insider, one agent, in particular, is having a hard time accepting his new boss.

“Initially, Torres [Wilmer Valderrama] is the most resistant,” Cole shared when TV Insider asked what characters are most uncomfortable with Parker. “Why, I’m not sure. McGee [Sean Murray], whose nature is intelligent and open, is reluctant at first but rolls with it. Jimmy [Brian Dietzen] and Kasie [Diona Reasonover]—they’re in a different world because they’re scientific.”

‘NCIS’ Showrunner Fires Back at Fans Angry Over Gibbs’ Replacement

NCIS team members aren’t the only people having a hard time dealing with Leroy Gibbs leaving the show. Fans are too.

When agent Gibbs left NCIS, audiences around the globe mourned. The sage commander had been a part of the team since the series inception in 2003, and he was a well-loved, interesting character. As soon as Gibbs retired, a lot of people assumed McGee would take over as the team’s commander. But he didn’t. Instead, a new character was introduced, Alden Parker.

Some fans had strong feelings about Parker’s role on the show, and they quickly voiced those feelings on social media. One fan going even went as far as calling CBS a liar.

“OK, CBS, you flat out lied to us!” @jvmoss wrote on Twitter. “You said Parker was not a replacement for Gibbs – that is exactly what you were planning. 2nd beef: Gibbs would have never recommended Parker over McGee for leader. The job should have been McGees! Loved Kasie calling out Parker #NCIS.”

NCIS showrunner Steven Binder had a response for the angry viewer though. Binder retweeted the “beef” and let everyone know that no one disrespected McGee while choosing a replacement for Gibbs.

“I, personally, would not presume to think Gibbs recommended Parker *over* McGee. I would like to think Gibbs and McGee had plenty of time to talk about the future and what McGee told Torres on the stake-out…Gibbs already knew. :)”