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‘NCIS’: Why Don’t the Agents Investigate When They Get Shot At?

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes when you are watching TV, things just don’t add up. That isn’t always a bad thing but one NCIS fan noticed something interesting.

While watching NCIS, Redditor u/BrandonS086 realized something very peculiar. The team never investigates the shootings that happen on the show. Whenever they get into a firefight there is really ever a time when they collect evidence. Look for casings. Or, well do anything!

They are asking the real questions. “Does anyone else find it funny that they don’t investigate when they get shot at when they’re investigating a crime?” the user asked. They continued their rant. “For instance, the episode where Palmer found the passport and then got shot at… Vance screamed at him about the gun asking if it was a revolver or if it was big, little, silver, black, semi… like bruh… wouldn’t [you] know that??? [You] would have the shells… he ran off instantly… he didn’t police the brass… doesn’t make sense.”

Thankfully, there were other NCIS fans willing to offer their takes and answers.

“I mean,” u/CodyHodgsonAnon19 replied. “They also don’t ever investigate or get [investigated] when they start a shootout with some ‘bad guys’. They just sort of whip off a magazine or two worth of shots, and act like there isn’t a mountain of paperwork for every round expended… And when they create their own crime scenes (regularly), they just sorta peace out and we never hear about the poor saps who have to spend the next week making an inventory of whatever random items the ‘star’ NCIS agents hit while indiscriminately popping off rounds every which way.”

Look, no one wants to see the grunt police work. When you only have a half-hour or an hour tops to tell a story, NCIS can’t have Nick Torres stapling papers all night.

‘NCIS’ Nick Torres Not in a Great Place

There have been a lot of different new developments in recent years on NCIS. New team members have especially made things different. Of course, McGee is still around. However, writers have tried to let fans get to know these characters more and more. Torres is one that can be very interesting.

In a teaser clip, Torres comes into the bullpen and he does not look great. As he walks to his desk, face covered with large sunglasses, McGee and Knight try to greet him. He groans and goes to his desk. After some short conversation, he says he had a late night and needed to rest. Well, that’s not likely to happen. But, that’s beside the point. These scenes do a good job of bringing that team chemistry together that fans love so much.

As for Torres, he isn’t going to be getting any extra rest. The NCIS agent has to train up for a big fight. He appears to be going undercover in a cage fighting ring. The life of a Naval crime investigator never seems boring, does it?