‘NCIS’: Why Is There No Christmas Episode This Year?

by Maggie Schneider

Fans of “NCIS” are wondering why there will not be a Christmas episode airing this year. There are many possibilities.

“NCIS” loves a good holiday episode. There is something magical about the combination between Christmas spirit and crime investigations. With 13 past holiday episodes under the show’s belt, fans are always looking forward to these specials. However, this is year is a bit different.

CBS is not airing a Christmas episode of “NCIS” this year. This is disappointing to fans, who are always excited for the holiday twist. While the network is not stating why there is no festive episode airing, viewers suspect that it is due to scheduling conflicts. CBS is airing many other holiday specials, including “One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga,” and “The 23rd Annual a Home for the Holidays at The Grove.” While some of these specials don’t appear during the “NCIS” usual time slot, they can cause other scheduled programs to shift.

Why Is There Not a Christmas Episode?

Others believe that the lack of a Christmas episode could be the writers’ choice. The CBS show is introducing new characters such as Alden Parker and Jessica Knight. A holiday episode may not make sense for where the characters are in their story arcs. Maybe the writers do not have any new ideas, after coming up with 13 different holiday episodes. Whatever the case, fans are disappointed.

NCIS isn’t airing a Christmas episode this year, nor did they do a Thanksgiving one,” @ChrisMartzWX on Twitter says. “I am devastated about this, idk how to pick up the pieces to my life now. Haha!”

“WHAT?? #Ncis having no Christmas episode, but…that is my favourite,” ONTLLS adds. “The Grinch moved in, when Gibbs left?”

Apparently, all of the “NCIS” spinoff shows will not be sharing in the holiday cheer. Maybe it is time to binge-watch the others this season.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ On Hiatus

In addition to this sad news, there are no upcoming episodes scheduled this year for “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Fans are having to wait until 2022 to receive updates on the lives of their favorite characters. To recap, the show’s latest episode follows a hostage situation on a city bus. Character Gary DeMayo (played by Charles Malik Whitfield) is introduced and given a powerful backstory as the events ensue.

This mid-season break is unexpected. It feels like there are more questions than answers. After raking in over 10 million viewers in this “finale,” fans are feeling confident that the story will continue.

Maybe the writers are sharpening their pencils and getting to work on some new storylines. Or, maybe CBS wants everyone to take a break from crime. The show’s return will be welcomed with open arms.